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Monday, December 19, 2011


Friday didnt quite work out as hoped. Unfortunately Kevins mom was not available to babysit as late as we had planned so he had to leave by 5. Since both my mom and Krystal had to work, we were unable to have dinner w/ them. I was pretty bummed. But at least she was willing to watch Johnathan so we could see each other for awhile. We had a long talk about Dallas and we were able to discuss some major topics like:
Am I working? up to me
Covering my bills? he will
Allowance? have my own debit card
Expectations? transportation for Johnathan
We also covered the whole topic of is he 100% sure. I am taking a huge step by quitting my job, leaving my friends and family behind to be with him in Dallas. I understand and hear all the worries of my family and friends. I understand our timeline is shorter and quicker then they are comfortable with. Kevin and I know that more then anyone else. But we also know we have never felt this way about another before. He is sure he wants me there. He understands what I am sacrificing to be with him. I know this is what I want. He has mentioned numerous times that he can't wait to come home to me, be able to cuddle on the couch w/ me. He tells me all the time he misses me in his arms and how he would love to wake up to my pretty face everyday.
UGH! I hate being away from him. February cant come soon enough. Like I said on my facebook on Friday, I fit so perfectly into his arms, no matter what is going on the moment my head hits his shoulder, I feel better. And thats a true story. I wasnt feeling well when he made it over, and was almost thinking maybe I should cancel. He walked in and sat on the couch, I cuddled up to him, laying my head on his shoulder, he wrapped his arm around me, pulling me close and I felt better.
One side of me is annoyed/disgusted w/ how lovey dovey I am. I feel so silly. But I know these feelings are more of newness and as time goes by they will fade. Hopefully leaving behind a strong bond. So I am trying to enjoy them, w/o making too many people nauseated in the mean time. But this is MY blog and I can smile and sigh as I remember something Kevin said and you just have to suck it up chump! lol

Hmmm what else, oh Friday night Krystal and I went to the tattoo place and she got her loves bday tattooed on her ring finger. I have pics and video that I will post. She was trying to get my to get something too, since she hates to be in pain alone. But alas I am broke.
Saturday was the 1st annual Christmas Cookie decorating party w/ Krystal and her 2 sisters, Melissa and Kacie. It was a lot of fun. We laughed alot, watched Elf, and Krystal made a white chocolate mocha coffee drink that tasted just like a starbucks drink. So good. Afterwards I went to my grandmas to return her rolling pin and baking sheet. We ate a few cookies and had some eggnog.

Overall a pretty good weekend.
Friday Kevin is going to bring Johnathan and we will all spend the day together. I am so nervous and excited. Johnathan is autistic, more specifically Aspergers syndrome. I have no idea what to expect. I hope he likes me. I am giving him his Christmas presents so hopefully that will help win him over. If anyone who reads this can give some words of advise on this subject it will be mucho appreciated.

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