Seriously? You have GOT to be kidding me!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Addicted to Coffee

Oh my gosh, I am so tired. My roommates dog was left out of his bedroom and he barked, whined and scratched every 30 mins all night long. Which was causing Chance to bark too. Finally about 20 mins before my alarm went off Jon was tired of it and got up and put the dog in Johnny's room.

Besides that Jon and I had a lovely evening. I love my little scuttlebutt. His mom recently gave him a box of old photos, I picked out my favs, one when he was about 2, and its now on my bedside table. I love looking at that adorable face. Its like looking into the future. Our babies will look like him. I just know it. We will have an adorable little boy just like his daddy. Strawberry blonde/red hair, big bright blue eyes, chubby little cheeks, fat lips and dimples. Awwww.

This weekend we will have the house to ourselves starting Friday night. Too bad I have a sleep study Saturday night. But I'll only be gone 7pm-7am. Maybe we can have breakfast and go to church?? Then go grocery shopping and be done for the day all before 12ish.

Okey dokey. Its Friday. I hope it goes by fast, but not busy. No issues and maybe I can get off early :)

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Its a bullet point blogging today.
  • I am going back to school. The whole process went so fast. July 8th is the first day of the mini-mester. I am going to Devry online for an associates in Health Information Technology. My goal is to stay with the company and move into the business office. And I believe we have a program where I can shadow someone in the area I am looking to move to. 
  • The next couple weekends are gonna be busy. This Saturday I have a sleep study. Next weekend is the 4th and then Krystals party, and then Jons bday. The following weekend is our party and then the next week is my bday.
  • I love our patio furniture and I am so glad we found stuff we like for cheap.
Ok well we have people lurking so I better go.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pro-Choice - A Woman's Right

Texas State Senator Wendy Davis pulled a filibuster yesterday to halt the voting on SB5, the Texas Abortion Bill, which ultimately did not pass. Sen Davis was against the bill which would have closed apprx 80% of the clinics in Texas. I did my part to support her, I sent her my story. Now before you continue reading, I wanna say I am Pro-Choice. And if that makes you angry, you probably shouldn't read the rest of this blog.
I know that this topic is so heated. People really feel very strongly on both sides. But I also feel like some Pro-lifers have this image or believe something about the Pro-choice people that is false. So, that's why I feel like its so important to tell my story.

I made a choice to use my right when I was 17. Do you hate me now, like you hate the rest of us "baby killers"?

I bet if you are a friend or family member that you don't. I bet you still love me just don't like my choice.

If I had that baby would you have bought diapers for me, babysat so I could finish school, got up for late night feedings and diaper changes? If you are a friend or a family member you would, in the beginning. But eventually that burden would fall on me. Rightfully so, as I am the mother.

But what if I don't want to. What if I am too selfish, immature, irresponsible to care for a life? What if I choose to go out w/ friends instead? Go do drugs, which I probably did when I was pregnant? Sleep around and in general just be a "typical" teen, which I was? Wheres the baby now? Oh my parents have to raise him/her. Wow, that doesn't seem right.

Yeah, adoption, lots of people want babies. But I'm an irresponsible person. I don't want to take care of myself let alone this body for 9 months. I do drugs. I drink. I smoke. I am not going to stop for a baby that I don't even want. And then to care for myself and body for 9 months, go thru labor and GIVE the baby away. That just wasn't even an option for me. Good for those who do.

So, maybe I should have used protection. Yeah, we did. Awesome.

Lets say I decided to keep the baby. I wouldn't be where I am today. I never would have been able to support myself. I would have had to rely on my family, burdening them, and been forced to use government assistance to try and make it. But the same group of people who stand outside Planned Parenthood calling me a murderer are the same group who tell me to get a job and that they don't want their tax dollars going to me. Uh...ok.

My story...
I was 17. The father was my dad's best friend. A married 31 yr old man. I know, its terrible, but not the point. We used protection. It broke and 3 weeks later I knew. I weighed all my options. And I came to the conclusion that abortion was the right choice for me.
The actual experience was not ugly, or scary, or negative. There were no dark alleys or shady people. I went to Planned Parenthood. They were very understanding and caring. There was pre-counseling to make sure this was my choice, that I wasn't here bc someone else made me (parents/boyfriend/etc). Once it was all said and done I felt a sense of relief. A weight had been lifted off my shoulders.
Before I left they made sure I had birth control. I was given more then a months supply of pills and there are always condoms galore at PP.

I haven't had multiple abortions. I wasn't 6 months along.
I believe in this right for women. Not everyone is Kermit Gosnell.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lets Burn Things!

I want you to look at the pillow placement here. The pillows on the left are Jon's and the pillows on the right are mine...but yet I hog the bed...? Really? Almost every morning I wake up to his face on my pillows. What is the point of a kingsize bed? lol He's lucky I love him...damn bed hog :)

While I was at work yesterday I decided to do a quick search on Craigslist for a fire pit and I finally found one that Jon liked and was a decent price. We've wanted one forever but we didnt want to spend too much. The couple were selling theirs for $50. We went and picked it up last night. Cant wait to use it. Now we just need patio furniture. 

I have some Christmas lights that I think I wanna use for patio lights. And I need to get some citronella of some sort, too. Yay. I can't wait to have a nice little backyard space.

OMG how come when you bite your lip do you keep biting it over and over bc its swollen up!! Quit that. It hurts.

Alright, I better end it for now, have a good day :)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Shes Not a Boy

Todays bog will probably be shorter, but it has pictures!
I had a pretty good weekend. Minus being sick or something yesterday.
Friday night was ok, nothing too exciting happened.
Saturday I hung out w/ Carrie until she left and then my mom and Riley came over. Poor Riley had to wear boy clothes bc the store didnt have anything in Rileys size! Isn't that weird?

 It was fun seeing her and hanging w/ my mommy.
After that I made a new recipe. It was a chicken and rice casserole I found the recipe on pinterest of course from the blog Darling Doodles.

Forgotten Chicken
4-6 Boneless skinless Chk Breast
2 C. Minute Rice
1 can Cream of Chk
1 can Cream of Celery
1 can of water
1 package of dry onion dip seasoning
butter to grease casserole dish

Preheat oven to 350
Butter Casserole dish
Mix the 2 "cream of" soups w/ 1 can water
Add 2 cups Minute Rice and pour into dish
Place the chk on top of rice mixture
Sprinkle onion dip mix on top of chk and top w/ foil.
Bake for 1-1 1/2 hrs.

I think the cook time was a little long and the rice needed something. The cream of soups just kinda make the rice thick...idk. Its a good base recipe, needs some tweaking. 

Sunday I felt blah and slept all day. I missed Rileys first bday party. Which really sucked. 
But its Monday. Time to get to work.
Have a great week!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Sleepy Filipino

Yesterday was my appt w/ a pulmonologist for my sleepiness, since my pcp thinks I have sleep apnea. So now I have a sleep study that I need to schedule for. I'm kinda nervous about it for some reason. But I def need to figure out my sleep problems. I'm not sure if Jon remembers but last night I was sleeping all jacked up. I woke up and was in the middle, plus my head w/ also way too far down, like halfway down the bed. Who knows. 
I feel like I'm falling apart. My old shoulder "injury" is flaring up. The past 3 days I have had some dull throbby pains. My carpal tunnel is starting to get annoying. My left hand goes numb a lot. I cant make a tight fist and just closing my hand too long makes my hand hurt. I wake up w/ my hands asleep and numb. Jeez. If I feel like this now, what am I gonna feel like in 20 years.
I made another new recipe last night. I made a Filipino dish, Pancit Bihon Guisado, it was so good. Kind of a lot of work but was worth it in the end. Lots of veggies, rice sticks, chicken and sauce/broth. Sorry, not to toot my own horn but I am a freaking good cook. I know I am "just" following a recipe but so many people cant even do that.
Need to start planning out the bday party. Think about the kinda foods we wanna serve, that I'm gonna have to make. I wanna have a fire pit too. Maybe party games for people who wanna play. And booze, lots of booze. lol

Ok peeps.
Happy Friday!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Brain Fart

You know what, I eat a poppy seed bagel every morning. I wonder if I would fail a drug test? Hmmm
Anyway, I went grocery shopping yesterday and couple things I wanna say about that. First I picked out 4 new recipes, so I am excited about that. Made one last night Million Dollar Spaghetti I pinned this several months ago, came from the blogger Being Grown Up. I really like it, I am def a fan of baked pastas.
The other thing I was gonna say, this is directed at Jon, I am not going by myself any more. We shop together. It was so hot and I was dying. If there was 2 of us it would have been easier. Mkay? Thanks :)

I set up the facebook invites for our bday bash. I am so excited!! I really love my bday. I hope that my family and the few friends I invited can make it.

I dont have anything else...I did but I forgot what else I was gonna say. lol
Have a good day! :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Argh, Shooting Pains!

I play the Sims 3 pretty regularly. I have always enjoyed playing even back to the original Sims. One of my fav parts of playing is building a home. I either build a house I know, like my own, or families. Or I will actually go to a website that has actual blueprints for sale and find a floor plan I like. I spend lots of time completing the build, adding landscaping and then interior design. Its really my favorite thing. I have always enjoyed sketching out homes and interior design, should have gone to school for that really, but my sims fulfill that need. The reason for me explaining all this is because I want you to really understand just how much time and thought I put into a house, before I even start the game.
SO! Yesterday I find the perfect floor plan, and I design the heck out of it. I even stepped up my elevation skills (more advanced players homes have sunken garages, etc). I really was excited to start this Sim-ette off in such a nice home. As soon as I was finished and hit the button to switch from design mode to live play


I lost it all. AaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAaaaaaaaaAaAaAaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaahhhh. Wah. Boo. Pout. Lots and and lots of curse words via a text to Jon. I think once I rebuild it, bc I will, I am going do a screenshot so I can should y'all my hard work. Ugh...lame.

Man my carpal tunnel pain is starting to come back. I am having numbness again. And pains in my wrist. Whats weird is its in my left hand mostly, and thats the hand the doctors said I didnt even have CP?!? So explain that one to me, DOC!

Mkay. Happy hump day!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Only 29 More Days!!

Yesterday was a much better day, which was needed after this weekend. Jon did talk to Johnny. And basically said our house, our rules. AND we need to have a weekend every once and awhile to ourselves. He said he understood. We'll see how this weekend goes.
Its now the month countdown till my bday!! Unlike J, I love my bday, and I make a big deal out of it. ALSO I EXPECT OTHERS TO AS WELL....ahem...suttle hint for ya there. Just to clarify I don't mean you have to spend lots of $$ (if you do thats ok too (:) but I just like to feel special and loved. Its important to me. Maybe I'll have my party at the house so I can get my family to come. Ooooo yes thats a good idea. Housewarming birthday party.

Hmm...I dont think I have anything else to say..
Have a good day! :)

OH PS I burned my thumb yesterday and it on Saturday I stubbed my toe. They both really hurt, lol

Monday, June 17, 2013


Inconsiderate Houseguest

Monday again!
I do feel like this weekend was kinda long. Maybe bc I was having to hang out w/ Johnny and Carrie since Friday night. I dont know what we are going to do about them. Jonathan was just trying to help a friend out, giving him a place to crash for 1-2 months. He's not a roommate. We didnt go into this house w/ him. Its OUR house. And he doesnt act like that. He has been here 2 weeks and Carrie has been here too both weekends. She comes over Friday and leaves Monday morning. They drink all. day. long. By the end of the night last night they were wasted. They smoke cigarettes, and we dont let them smoke inside (of course!) and so they are constantly going in and out, literally every 20 mins. And since they drink sooooo much beer Carrie at least, is peeing every 30 mins. Its so annoying. I didnt even mention every single peeve. Those were just the most frequent, pressing issues.
On the other hand I feel bad, knowing that Jon is going to have to say something, bc I know Johnny will get defensive and when he tells Carrie she will too probably. And its not that we don't like them or enjoy their company. Its just their "lifestyle" is different then ours. We are quiet, relaxed people. Jon and I like our private time too much.
So yeah, we will see how this all comes out. I dont think I can handle another weekend like this. Last night was so bad bc they were so drunk. His pants where practically off at one point. Then he walked out in his underwear once. And lastly they were smoking in the house and thought we wouldnt notice. Thats what really pissed me and Jon off. Drunk, smoking in OUR nice guest bed w/ very expensive sheets...
I have to stop talking about it bc its starting to make me really mad again...
Jon, this needs to be address ASAP w/ Johnny. Sorry honey, I love you.
Have a good Monday y'all!!

Friday, June 14, 2013

I Just Don't Get It

**This might be a TMI post, mostly for men. That was your warning**
So I finally did it. I finally went and had my well woman exam. Mostly on the insisting of Jon. I didn't die. It was fine. And actually my doctor was really great. It had been probably 10 years since I last went and during that time I was going to Planned Parenthood. So much has changed in 10 years and the quality of service is so much better at an OBG vs PP. First off the changes, you don't need a well woman exam until you are 21 now. Even if you are sexual active/want birth control. 2ndly once you are 21 you only need the pap every 3 years unless you get an abnormal result. You still come in yearly for a breast/pelvis exam tho. Now the difference between private obg vs PP. At PP you're pretty much just naked the whole time. After the initial consult w/ the RN, checking vitals, etc, you are given the paper vest and a paper towel to cover your lap and told to remove all clothes. Oh but you can leave your socks on...really? Thaaaanks. So the Drs do the exam and then discuss while you are still naked. At my appt yesterday, first off I was given a hospital gown and and a small sheet. Then I didn't have to undress until after I had talked to the dr and he told me what to expect. Once I had to undress, it was bottoms first for pelvic exam then get dressed and top half for breast but w/ the gown on. So I was never too exposed. The dr did the breast exam under the gown.
So all that to say, if you haven't been in forever go to a real dr (sorry pp) and your experience will probably be much better, or as better as it can be.
**Ok men its safe to read from here**

  • I get off for July 4th. Yay!! I got the email this morning...same as last year so far w/ holidays. 
  • Danny sucks.
  • Jon is having...withdrawals (is that right? my spellcheck corrected it?) from WOW. Or craving to play, don't know how to explain it but a few months before we met he had gotten pretty burnt out on it and stopped playing like he was. And then once he met me he stayed away bc he worries it will affect us. But last night he was fiending after he heard Johnny playing. I of course don't know what to tell him. I don't play so I don't understand. I say play it, but he says that's not a good idea. Ok well only play a little? Nope that's not how it works. for a week or 2? Don't play?? IDK!!!?? He really thinks that if he plays he wont be able to  balance us and WOW and that I will leave him bc he will neglect me. Ok so don't play. 
  • Yay its Friday. And I'm sleepy. So I'm done w/ this post
Have a good day and weekend, y'all!!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Back to Work

Sorry for being gone. I took time off to be with family.

Hmm back to work. This will be a short week tho. Just today and tomorrow. That will be nice.
Well while I was off I got my first swim in for the summer. I went ahead and kept the bathing suit I bought that I was going to return. Its a little tight but they always end up stretching out too much anyway. I also bought some summer clothes. 2 tank tops and 2 shirts. Plus some sandals. And then I also bought Jonathan a new bottle of Curve to replace the one stolen by Donna.

The roommate thing is rocky. During the weekend he had his GF over and I didnt like that at all. It was just like I barely am ok with Johnny being there and then 2 days later he has his gf there for the whole weekend. Bc of my reaction Jon almost told Johnny that it wasnt working out. But I dont wanna lose out on the $$. Is this how Donna felt when I started coming around?

Well, I guess thats all. Kind of a lame post after being gone so long. Sorry ;)

Friday, June 7, 2013


My Chest be Painin'

Did ya miss me? Huh? Did ya?
Well I was home sick. I KNOW you cant mix ammonia and bleach. But I didn't know the product I was using had ammonia. I ended up feeling pretty bad and was having trouble breathing off and on. Even now I am having burning in my chest randomly. Boo. So yeah I called in.

Well, we have a roommate now. And another dog. I really hope this goes smooth and quick. Jon thinks everything will be fine and doesn't understand why I am so stressed about this. Umm...first of all there is another man in the house so now I cant be comfy in my pjs. I always have to be dressed. Its just gonna be like we have a guest all the time and that is stressful. 2 Months and I'm done.

I might be going to South Carolina tomorrow for a funeral. I really don't wanna be stuck in a car for 16-17 hours. But my mom is really wanting me and my brother to go...waaah.

Ok I better go for now.
Happy Friday.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I still need to find a replacement for my google reader since it wont be available after July 1. That's annoying. I have at least a hundred blogs on there. I'm sure there are some that don't update anymore but I wouldn't know how to clean that out.

I am getting excited about having Melodi this weekend. Shes my "niece." My cousin Kelli's daughter. Shes 6 and so much fun. I've been thinking of fun things to do w/ her while she's here. We will play games, and bake for sure. Maybe go swim at the pool. Who knows. I cant wait.

Jon mentioned that Johnny now wants to rent the room for 1-2 months for $400. The money sounds good. Having our privacy taken and a roommate doesn't. But if its really only for 2 months then its a small short term annoyance. IDK.

Welp that's all for now.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Totes Cray Cray

We had our first overnight house guest last night. Johnny, one of Jon's friends from work, his a/c was out so Jon offered to let him stay w/ us for the night...just the night I think?? So I spent a little bit picking up. Then I set up the guest bath and bedroom. I realized that we need to get guest stuff for the bathroom. Get a few toothbrushes, some wash rags, body wash and shampoo/conditioner too. But I did manage to round up a few things. Luckily we keep multiples of some stuff.

Ugh I am really not in the mood for work. Yesterday there was some drama while upper management was gone and I have a feeling today we might feel the wrath. I dont like it. Waaaah. Oh...she just walked in. I'm scared. lol Hopefully it will be ok.

Boring life currently. But boring is good sometimes.
Have a good Tuesday.

PS I love Jon :) He's my fav

Monday, June 3, 2013

Its Monday...yay...NO!

I need to get this entry done as fast as possible considering its Monday and we are always so busy Monday mornings I am usually rushed to finish.

Friday just before I got off patients starting calling saying they couldnt get to their appts coming from the west/southwest bc of traffic. So I checked transtar and holy crap...yeah. There was a fire, which was all over the national news bc 4 firefighters died, and that was causing a huge traffic problem all over that side. So I took a different way home and I am so glad I checked.

Saturday was a lazy day while Jon was at work. He did call to tell me Danny (his brother) was leaving Donna and going to go stay w/ mom. Made me so happy. So when he got home we went and put some gas in his truck. Then this happened.
Awww Brothers. As much as Jon protest he loves Danny and wants to see him do right. But I completely understand that. We cant help who we grow up with. But we will always have a soft spot for our siblings.

Sunday we went out to mom's to have lunch w/ her and Danny. Afterwards we went to Petco and I finally got Chance his replacement dragon (a toy he loved soooo much from his previous owners) a new collar and some small dog tennis balls. He cant play w/ the bigger ones, his mouth is too small. We got to spend some time w/ our new kitty Mr. Beau Jangles, the little guy who was abandoned by his momma when he was about a week old. Once he is completely off the bottle we will take him. He LOVED Jon.

But there was someone who had a big issue w/ Jon and Mr Beau Jangles.

LOL! Grizzly was all kinds of upset. He had been betrayed and was brokenhearted. But Jon fixed it before we left.

Once we got home I started doing some job searches. Not gonna rush it, just wanted to kinda take a look. I did apply for one job w/ Mercedes Benz. We'll see how that goes.

Alright I am done, it was already getting busy for a minute.