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Friday, November 1, 2013

15 Weird Questions Tag (+playlist)

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rhianna Rambles Ep.3 - Cheat Days and Weighing in (+playlist)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Friday, October 11, 2013

So Exciting News

I have decided after debating w/ myself over and over to start a youtube channel to start doing daily (hopefully) video blogs. Yay. So exciting.

What does this mean for you?
Well, hopefully, you will follow me there and subscribe. I would love to have you. I am not to sure what the future of this blog is. But I wont be deleting it thats for sure. Maybe I will continue this and youtube maybe not.

Without further ado (or adieu? google couldnt tell me)...

Click HERE to go to my page.

Love y'all! :)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Nothing Exciting

Last Nights Sleep Info
Hours 7
AHI .5
Mask Fit :(

Lets see, anything exciting happen since my last entry, hmmm, nope. Oh I washed all the bed stuff including the comforter. Its smells yummy now. I enjoyed snuggling up in my blanket last night, lol. Oh this morning as I was grabbing the stuff to make Jon breakfast and lunch I some how managed to knock the pitcher of ice tea out. It bounced as it hit and shot the lid off and got tea all over that side of the kitchen. Luckily it wasn't sweet it else it would have been sticky.
The one thing I have noticed about having a poor sleep schedule is it really makes dieting hard. Staying up late makes me wanna snack. So glad I got my pressure changed bc I am sleeping much better.

Meh, I dont really have much to say today and I have been sitting here staring at this screen for like 2 hours.

Peace out :)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Dear Jonathan

Do you know how much I love you?
I love you so much that I don't care that you might be embarrassed by this. lol You are such an amazing man. You make me happier every single day. I didn't even think it was possible to love you more, but then you go and do something to prove me wrong.
I am constantly reminded how awesome God is to bring us together. I have never stopped thanking Him for letting me be apart of your life.
I am thankful to your parents too, they are responsible for molding you and teaching you to be a strong, hard working and loving man.
I love your commitment. Not just to me but everything in life. You believe in doing everything 100%. And this has provided us with the best.
You work so hard. You have such a drive to make the most of life. You have faced the hard times head on and without wavering.
I love your strength. You have been my rock, and have also allowed me to be yours too.

You love like you live. Strong. Committed. Loving. 100%.

In the beginning I was amazed by you.
No one has ever done 1/2 what you did for me.
Not materialistic things, remembering little things and surprising me later. Its hard to describe what it feels like to be important to someone.

You still amaze me.
When you look into my eyes and I can see your love.
You give me butterflies.

We have so much to look forward to.
We already have such an awesome partnership.
I am so excited to see what lies ahead.

Thank you for being awesome.
I love you. More and more everyday.

See you in the morning :)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Gold iPhone 5s Maybe

My follow up on Monday didn't go like I expected. He did not clear me for work. Altho I am getting better with my disturbances, I am not sleeping/using the machine long enough. But he did agree to lower my pressure a few notches and another 4 weeks off until my next follow up. He also is adding an oxygen concentrator that he thinks will help.

Good news is I lost 14 lbs. So excited. My banana shorts fit now, lol. I bought these cute banana print pj shorts a week or 2 before I left work but they were way to tight. Now they fit nicely. Yay me. I feel really great. My stamina is def getting better. I am looking forward to having a better life. Like going to the Ren Fest this year w/ my bff and Jon. And a million other things that Jon and I wanna do. See these shorts? Aren't they awesome!!
I love my banana shorts.

I am eligible for an upgrade w/ Sprint now and I am wanting the iPhone 5s Gold so bad. But damn the not working thing. Its $199. Boo. And its not shipping for 8 weeks. I am kinda conflicted tho. I've never had an iphone and it feels dirty and wrong. Its just so tempting. I didnt see any other phone that I want really.

Mkay, I think thats all.
Peace out :)

Monday, September 30, 2013

Krystal and Matthew Hayes Wedding

Jon and I when we first got there

Me and my dress

Jon and I in the sanctuary, waiting to start

mom and dad

Krystals parents

teary eyed daddy
giving her away, loved the detail on the back of her dress

Add caption


Melissa, her sister, singing God Bless the Broken Road during the Unity Candle


Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Hayes

Me and Melodi with our sparkly dresses

<3 Love this man <3
admiring myself

"How do we do this??!"

So messy

"Do NOT do it!"

Sweet...but I would have smashed it lol at least a little

Too short

Toasting to the Bride and Groom (no warning btw)
Kisses from Mel after my toast (I was very nervous, this was sweet).

Pretty ladies

Everett says he has had enough of this

My beautiful bff/cousin and I. So happy.

The Best Weekend

Before I get to busy I figured it would be good to update.

This weekend was pretty good. Saturday was Krystals wedding. I got up early and finished coleslaw, which came out soooo good btw. From there I was pretty much getting all purty-fied. I was finally just about the head out the door in my first outfit choice, when I had a change of heart about what I was wearing. Originally I was wearing just a more business casual/church cotton gray skirt and a black shirt w/ blue and gray swirly circles that matched Jons colors of his shirt. I decided to wear this really pretty black dress I have had for several years but hadn't worn in forever. I am so glad I changed bc I got a done of compliments. I wanted to get there early but rain was not going to let that happen. We weren't late and the wedding was nice. Krystal looked beautiful. The food was good and I had a really good time. So did Jon. He did really well.
After the wedding and reception we headed off to his uncles bday party. I finally was able to meet more of his family. Everyone was really nice and I think I will fit in just fine w/ his family. They had yummy bbq and we ate well. But we both started crashing hard since we didnt sleep well Friday night for some reason.

Sunday was just a lazy day. We literally did nothing. I felt like I slept the day away, lounging on the couch. Of course that is what Jon loves. We had dinner at a new (to me) little Mexican place down the street since our typical date night/cheat meal was closed?? It wasn't very good. It wasn't bad but not worth my cheat. I didnt finish it. Not even half was eaten.

Today is my follow up and the dr will decide if he'll clear me for work. I really have no idea how this will go. My machine compliance hasn't been that great and I am still dealing w/ some sleep issues. I am excited to weigh tho. :) Silver lining. lol

We are battling an invasion of ants. They have taken over our bedroom. Mostly my side/clothes. I had to wash everything in hot water like 2-3 days ago to kill them all and they were back last night. I shook out everything and pulled ants off. So annoying.

Ok I think thats all. I am gonna make another post with all the wedding pics. Prepare yourself for this. lol

Have a good day!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Coleslaw Wedding

Hey, look, I came back.

I am so anxious waiting to hear from the place I interviewed at. She said 1-2 days but I guess I am not gonna hear anything today. Since its already 5. Bummer, I was really hoping to know something NOW.

I just finished making the coleslaw for the wedding tomorrow. There isn't enough. So unfortunately I am gonna have to send Jon on the way home. He hates that. But I am just too busy. I am, just stopping long enough to finish this up. Plus I'm making dinner.

So the diet is going well. We are almost 4 weeks in and we both can tell a difference. Jon actually has gone down a size in shirts already. And all my clothes I bought a few weeks ago that were too tight are fitting better. But it sucks bc I am having a fat day and my clothes suck and no matter what I put on I am not happy.

Sleep. Sleep sucks. I hate having to use my CPAP. If I do a lot of stuff during the day I crash as soon as I get home. Ugh. I dont know what the doctor is going to end up saying on Monday for my follow up. But I am supposed to return to work on Tuesday. I sure am going to miss being off. I have gotten used to getting up w/ Jon, making him breakfast and lunch. Then having the day to myself to run errands, clean, etc.

Mkay. I need to get off here. Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pyogenic Granuloma

I was thinking I need to start blogging everyday again. It will help with keeping up w/ how I am doing w/ my cpap and dieting.

And I am a terrible blogger bc I wrote those word like a week and a half ago. Oops.

I just got back from the dermatologist (skin doctor) to have him look at and remove my pyogenic granuloma. lol Thats a growth on my finger. It looks like a blood blister. He had to numb my finger, then cut it off, dig it all out and burn the blood vessels. Now the numbing is wearing off and it kinda hurts. Ouchy. 

Saturday is Krystals wedding. I am kinda bummed bc she's my bff and I am not (cant) be in her wedding. She of course asked me but she is having a kinda quicky wedding and I wouldnt have been able to get the dress w/o it costing a lot. I think I would be a lot more upset about this if she was the one wanting to get married. I do wish she would have waited a least a few more months. Basically anytime but now, considering I am not working. Normally I could have bought the dress I needed no problem. Oh well. Her mom is making her so whatev. I'll live.

Yesterday I had an interview for a job I want so freaking bad. Its not open 24/7.  Closed on Sundays. No holidays. Ugh I want this so bad... Hopefully I will hear back soon. And that it will be good news.

Ok...I will be back tomorrow. I promise. lol

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sleep Apnea and Diet updates

Another week went by and I have been slacking on the post.

I've been sleeping w/ the machine now for a week. It got worse after the first night and I was super frustrated for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th night. But I think I am getting used to it. I am not sleeping thru the night yet. I am trying to get used to it. I usually take the mask off sometime during the night after a few hours. I am also on the RX stimulants and I am supposed to take those twice a day. I still find myself falling asleep after breakfast for about an hour or 2. I need to find something to keep myself awake. Its annoying bc I just wanna watch tv.
Another issue I have is that as bedtime approaches I start to have anxiety. I want so badly to be able to sleep thru the night and feel amazing. I want to have my mask fit. I want to sleep comfortably. No leaking, bubbling mask. No tossing and turning trying to find a comfy spot. Frustrating. But I wont give up.

The diet is going well. It def helps that my momma is doing our grocery shopping. Keeps us on track. I know we can easily just go to the store and get crap foods but it is about accountability also. Its been over 2 weeks and it feels good. I need to start working out tho.

Alright. I updated so I feel better.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Me and My Machine

So this happened last night.
I showed Jon how to set it up. And we played w/ it some. He was cracking up. I let him try it and he was freaking out. It is a very weird feeling. But we settled down and I tried to sleep. The first 30 mins-1 hour was kinda rough. I was trying to get into a comfortable position. Since I was a tummy sleeper, and even worse, I sleep on my face. Also making sure once I was comfy that my mask was sealed. But I finally got there. And I slept thru the night. It was awesome. I am so excited.
I am pretty sure I didn't disturb Jon. The mask sometimes makes a funny sound when it bubbles around my face when it loses its seal. I noticed when I woke up that my face is very dry and I have had to use a bunch of chapstick also. But who cares. I slept thru the night. Oh happy day!!

Other then that everything is great. Just wanted to swing by since I said I would.

Monday, September 9, 2013

My Diet Life

I'm feeling conflicted. I kinda want to start a separate blog to use for my main diet blog. I just feel weird doing it here. Hmmm...
I guess I will keep it here bc the diet is my new life and I blog about my life. I just worry about the diet stuff over taking this one. Oh well, here goes the first post.

So its been one week. I don't wanna be all "Look at me, I'm awesome" but I am feeling pretty good. I have not had a regular soda and I feel ok. I am craving one today. I am actually feeling very thirsty. Food wise I have felt pretty satisfied. Here is a typical day for me:

Breakfast: Yogurt
Lunch: Progresso soup
Snack: Popcorn or a Banana
Dinner: Big green salad, chicken or fish, brown rice and some sorta veggies
Dessert: "Smore" or Skinny Cow ice cream

It sure doesnt seem like much but I feel ok. Once I go back to work I am sure I will need more food but sitting around the house, I don't.

Anyway, dinner is ready, just waiting on Jon to get home. I'll try to be back tomorrow and let y'all know how things went w/ my bipap.

I'm baaa-aaack

Never meant to stay away so long. So much has been going on that its overwhelming to even think about stopping to make a post. But I hate to be away for so long.

I forgot on my last update is Jon and I had our 1 year anniversary. He gave me a beautiful cross necklace and I gave him a handmade Texans throw blanket. I love my honey nut. :)

So, besides that, Jon and I have been doing well on our diets. I don't know about Jon but I have never eaten this well. I mean, we ate ok growing up, but it was a lot of processed foods. Now we eat pretty much only fresh food. Chicken, fish, veggies, and brown rice. lol Well, I cant wait to see results.

I am supposed to get my machine today. Wahoo. I hope it goes well tonight. And actually I need to go get ready.

I will try and post more until I return to work...altho I sure have enjoyed my time off.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Long Overdue Update

I have been dreading this post for days. But its about time I get this stuff out before it eats at me.

I'll start off with Tuesday evening and how my sleep study went. This one was to sleep w/ a machine and for them to come up w/ my prescription (bipap/cpap and pressure levels). They started me w/ a nasal mask and about 1/2 thru the night switched me to a full face mask. My nose/nostrils are too small and there were issues. Once they made that switch and to a bipap, I slept great (88 mins w/ only 3 disturbances and I was in REM). Next step is to wait for them to read the results, send my Rx to my insurance for approval and then med sup for my machine. Dr M said that would be about 2 weeks.

Originally my follow up was for a month later, but on 8/29 on my way to work I fell asleep driving. Yeah. Super scary.

Luckily it was like I just pulled over on the side of the road. I was woken up by another driver tapping on my window. I called my drs office later that day and was told to come right in. He got my results, which is where I got the numbers from up there, and put a STAT order on a machine. He wanted me to have a machine by that night. He assures me this is possible, relays the messages to his RN's and also takes me out of work. He tell the RN to give me the # to the specific RN handling my order. I can tell she is annoyed and I even have to remind her that my next follow up is in 2 weeks not 4. I am told to go home and call, they should be done by then.

I get home call, and am told my insurance is holding it up. I work for the same clinic the drs and RNs do and we all have the same insurance which is the clinics own insurance. So I know if the RN advised it was a STAT then this wouldn't be an issue. Whatever. I call back several times Friday and finally at 15 mins till 5pm am told to call the med supply company. Of course when I do they have no record of me. I explain the STAT and she says if it was marked STAT it would take 30 mins for it to be filled. She suggest I call my drs office again.

At this point I just start crying. I am so tired and to be so close to having my machine...I just cant. I hang up and my phone rings. It my drs office. They JUST faxed over my order. I asked if it was marked as STAT like Dr M said. She acted like she had not been aware but that now she was. And she tells me I will probably get a call Tuesday to set up an appt for my machine. This has gone all wrong. To be so close to finally feeling better and having to wait 5 more days is like a lifetime.

So now I sit and wait.
In the mean time I feel pretty shitty. I found out I managed to GAIN 13 lbs. No wonder it hurts so much to walk to and from the parking lot. But I called my mom and told her and basically asked for help. She is pretty much demanding that since I will be off for the next 2 weeks to join the YMCA and start going everyday while I'm off. I also talked to my old Sunday School teacher who is now a health guru of some sort, a nutritionist if I recall correctly. And she basically said...a big salad before dinner. Then a sweet potato, some brown rice or quinoa (sp?) and a small portion of lean meat IF NECESSARY. And lots and lots of fruits and veggies. Like all you can eat of those.

I am more then ready for this change. I know its gonna suck so much and I am not to sure how Jon is gonna feel, I am hoping as long as I can keep him full/not hungry he will be ok. Its drastic and we'll probably slip up...but speaking for just me I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE. I hate feeling like this.

So, the next few weeks I may be a complete bitch and/or a whiny little brat but we'll see how this goes. Prayer would be nice. Thanks.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Keep Your Eyes on the Road

*If you didn't check for a Sunday post scroll below. I updated over the weekend.*

Here are the pics I was trying to load yesterday.

The first pic is of Ronnie, my brother, at our old building last week when I made him an awesome award. lol The one next to that is the right side of my desk. The 3rd is the left side. But I have actually rearranged the little shelves. The last photo is of how clean and purty the call center looks for now. I really love it here. Its so nice. There is also a Lubys in the caferteria. Its not open yet but should be soon. But I did eat my lunch in there yesterday. I approve. The breakroom is nice too. Crushed ice and cold filtered water. The coffee machine w/ cream and sugar thats not locked up. Wow. Then the standard coke and snack machine.

After dreading the walk yesterday today wasn't nearly as bad. So glad. I was being a whiney little B about how long of a walk everything was.

I am really struggling w/ my sleepyness. I almost turned around today on the way to work. I was falling asleep over and over. I couldn't stop myself. I was all over the road...this is not good. My next sleep study is Tuesday night. Hopefully I can get some good results and do well w/ the cpap. I desperately need it. All my co-workers are begging me not to drive...I dont know what to do...

Alright. I need to start wrapping it up. Happy Monday Y'all!!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Funday? Nope

Why in the world am I up at 5:41am on a Sunday morning?
Because I work on Sundays now...
Seriously. Bunch of crap stup#$%%&^&**()^...

So the drive wasn't bad at all. And since buc-cees is right by my work, I was able to get gas before work. But the walk from my car to my seat...yeah not possible currently. Its a long walk. Its something for me to work on, tho. But for now, I am going to hate my life. It is so nice in the new building. I have pictures but one con is my cell doesn't work in here. Oh and its sweaty in here.

Man my numbness in my left hand is getting to be a pain in my behind. But yet, my left hand doesnt have carpal tunnel.

I cleaned up the house yesterday. It had really been needing it. Especially the bathrooms. Feels good to have a clean house. We had a guest. My aunt Anna, my dads sister was in Katy for a friends graduation party so she stopped by for awhile. That was nice.

Alright, thats all.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hi!

Sorry I skipped a day. We've been having interesting convo's in the morning and its hard to turn away from that.

Today is the last day in this building. The new building it completed and we are moving today. Well, the movers come and take everything thats going. The cubicles, chairs, comps and phones are staying, since its a brand new building we are getting brand new everything. I am excited to check it all out.

This is also my last week of class. I have finished all assignments except the final project. And last night I watched the last iconnect to see about how to do it/what the expectations are. I am so glad I watched it bc its coming out to be easier then I thought. My next course is Basic Algebra. Wahoo. I love math. I know college is a little diff but I am still excited.

Alrighty. Its Friday.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooo I got my hair-did.
Few inches off and layered thru-out.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I think there is sulfate/sulfer in my shampoo, conditioner or soap. I am itchy. And my scalp is flakey and has patches of grossness. And my face is itchy too.

I am grumpy. I had a bad night last night too, but I dont wanna miss 2 days in one pay period. Sucks.

I wish I could get this damn sleep study over with and get my machine.

I am not in the mood for blogging right now.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Post in Pictures

The temps on Saturday.

 Trying to get one decent pic w/ this guy is very time consuming...and funny.

Our view in front and to the sides from the patio. And sweet Chance-Lou enjoying the breeze.

Chance can has cheezburgers too? Dinner and The Texans. This is camping. lol 

S'mores for us and s'mores for the pup. 

 The moon was so bright.

Our souvenir. The Ducky Sheriff.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Trip to KOA

Jon made me go to bed early last night. Since I had a little bit of a break down 2 nights ago he wants me to be already in bed by 8. Not neccesarily asleep, but in bed, winding down. I was almost in bed by 8. He wants me to do this until I get everything taken care of for my CPAP.
So annoying, I ordered a frap w/ 2 expresso shots and they didnt do it! I can't be tired today. I have so much to do. After working over time I have to go to the store and get stuff for our weekend trip and then go home, do laundry and pack.
I'm excited about our little get away. It was a surprise for Jon. It is the last weekend I'll have off, since my stupid schedule is changing. I'll be off Saturdays and Wednesdays. I can't remember if I talked about this here or not. Well, it sucks but thats not the point. So we are going out of town to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. Going to camp at KOA in Lake Conroe. It should be a nice little getaway.
Ok seriously, its too busy.
Gotta go!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

So, I am feeling pretty emotional lately. Its really hard to be so sleep deprived. Its starting to affect me more then I expected. I am so tired all the time. I dont feel like myself at all. I am trying to get FML approved and it might take a few weeks. In the mean time I could call in but I risk not getting it retroactive. Ugh...And then there is the possibility that my doctor suggests a complete leave.

Anyway, man it's busier then normal lately...gotta go.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Coffee!! Do your JOB!!

First day of overtime down, 3 more to go. I don't know what I was thinking. lol Nah it isnt that bad, but kinda conflicts w/ my typical daily schedule. It will be nice to have an extra day on my check. Wait, no, driving home at 4 is some crap. I do hate that. I have to remind myself there will be traffic and to just relax. No need to get all road rage-y.
OMG I just found out one of our team leads at work was car jacked!! He had a brand new car, just off the lot, still had dealer tags and everything. The guys bumped him and when he pulled over they pointed 3 guns at him. He was like take the car and everything. He is so lucky to be alive. That is crazy! But he was saying apparently this is something picking up in Houston again. I remember when I was younger hearing about this kinda thing. But it hasnt been talked about in some time. much for that...its back to back calls now, where is everyone?!??

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


You know what sucks, I might have to take the next mini-mester off. Bc of my sleepyness problem it has been extremely difficult to manage my time everyday. Unfortunately I fall asleep a lot and pretty much always do as soon as I get home from work. And its not like I nap for 45 mins or something, I sleep for hours, usually until round about when Jon gets home.

And now its busy...

Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Report

OK so, what a good weekend I had. Friday I slept after I got off until Jon got home.
Saturday was the Stockpile sale, finally she came back to Katy. I went there and picked up a few things. Bought a fan for the house, breakfast and gas upped my car. After that I worked on my outline/project until I thought my brain had melted. Then, Jon and I went to dinner. And had some alcoholic beverages. Unfortunately Jon got a pretty bad headache after he dozed on the couch so he went to bed super early and I ended up staying up too late.
Sunday we procrastinated lounged around until about 2 when we finally made it out of the house. We drove to my new work building to time my drive. Its a very nice building. I am so excited. Its all clean and sparkly. New desk, chairs, everything. And we are gonna have a Luby's. Sweet! There is a Taco Bell, Walgreens, Starbucks, CVS, and a Buc-cee's all right there, which is super convenient.
After that drive, we went to Payless and I got some choooooz! I needs some new chooz. I got a work pair, and 2 pairs of ballet flats, plus 10 pairs of funky socks. Then we went home and played Monopoly and had chinese. A very good Sunday. I sure am gonna mess these.

Welp, thats all I guess.
Happy Monday y'all!!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Short and Sweet

I was off yesterday for my drs appt from my sleep study. Basically yes I have sleep apnea and its really bad. But I don't have time to blog bc the calls are back to back.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I's got muh corfee

The 3rd day is a charm. Man. I was suffering all day yesterday w/o my coffee.
Jon and I did our little exercises yesterday. He gets so competative tho. Since we play on the Wii, he plays against the comp and he gets like really really mad. Don't get me wrong, I get frustrated too, but not like him, lol.

I don't have much to talk about today. My tummy is angry. And I am dying to go to my dr's appt tomorrow. Its the follow up to my sleep study. I wanna know what we are gonna do.

Anyway...I'm done.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Two mornings in a row my routine has been messed up. I am so annoyed. Unlike my better half, I am not at all patient w/ these window people at fast food restaurants. Yesterday, fixing to turn into Starbucks, I realized there was no power. Fine, I dont go to the McD's by my work bc they suck, so off I go to the one down the freeway. After waiting for-freaking-ever to place my order, they tell me they are out of the one thing I came to get. O.O
Ok fine.
Today. Drive to Starbucks. I can see the store sign. Good. Get to the drive thru and there are 2 other cars. They arent taking orders. What in the actually crap is going on!? The doors are still locked. Fine. I go to the McD's by my work, HOPING that they can get it right. Place my order, they dont have any fraps. Which just like yesterday is what I am trying to replace from Starbucks. Cancel the order, drive to the other one. Place my order. All out of fraps.

Are you kidding me? #$%^&*()OMKJHV^#$%^^&&**(()PJND^*&(()

Fine. Order my meal w/ a tea instead. Get to work. My order is wrong. Why! Why?! Crap. Oh and my tea taste funny.

Anyway. Jon and I started our little exercises yesterday with the Wii. I actually got a little something out of it. And it isnt too intense. I like it. Our plan is to do this daily. I need to be in better shape when we move to the new building.

Alright, no coffee, I am annoyed.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Painting and Sleeping...its all I do.

Friday was Ladies Night and I had such a good time. We went to Painting with a Twist. It was my first time but I have seen it done before so I knew the concept. I can not wait to go back. Here are pics from the night.

Momma and me

Me and the bestie before

L-R Aunt Margie, Gma, Me, Krystal and Melissa (cousins)

Perfectly Posed...and

Aunt Julia, Mel, Momma, Gma
Aunt Margie, Me and Krystal
Came out so good

love it!!

This stupid blogger is just not wanting to cooperate any more. Internet Explorer sucks and even more so when you are using a old version. I can't format the pics the way I want.

Saturday and Sunday were lazy days. Bc of my stupid sleeping problem I basically wasted my weekend. I only have a few left. Ugh so stupid.

So I have had to close 4 Dr's schedules and now it after 7. I need to get going. Happy Monday!