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Friday, August 31, 2012

The Dates and Life

So Matthew flaked out and so did Jared. I KNEW the Jared one would. But Matthew was disappointing.

Johnathan on the other hand went well. I knew this one would. I could just tell what type of person he was before actually meeting. We talked on the phone a few times and I just had this feeling. We decided on Gringos. We met there. He was super nice and the conversation was good. Afterwards he gave me a hug and kiss on the check. Awwwww. lol He has already asked me out to a movie for Tuesday.


  • Kelli and I are ok now I guess. She finally called to apologize.
  • Went swimming w/ my bff and got an awesome sun burn.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Its Raining Men

I dont know what the CRAP is happening but as of 30 mins ago I now have a date for everyday I'm off.

A few weeks ago I did some clean up on my okcupid profile and I've had some more hits and messages. But none that had caught my eye. This past weekend I started chatting w/ 2. Tonight I was messaged by a 3rd. I am not interesting in DATING. But I am also not going to chose one and focus solely on him while ignoring the others. I've decided that my method will be if they message me I check out their profile before I respond. After responding we can see if we have a flow as far as conversation. Verify that they are not looking for anything casual. Once a date has been offered agree to 1 date.

So 1 date for Matthew, Johnathan and Jared.

Matthew is 33, works in an office, lives on the NW side. He has 2 kids, same woman. But not divorced...never married, I believe. I'll need to check on that...He was specifically interested in bbw/ssbbw's. Hes tall and average size. Cute smile. He is coming to this side of town and we are going to have dinner and...he mentioned maybe go to the park. We'll see.

Johnathan is 28, a manager for 2 autoshops, lives in Katy. Is buying a house, drives a truck, and likes to fish. His brother lives w/ him (but is engaged? are they gonna stay there??). He thinks he might wanna go back to school. Maybe he wants a 2nd car thats more economical. lol Trucks not so gas friendly. Listens to country and likes to camp. Hes tall and seems like he might be a bigger guy. We are going to dinner Wednesday night. We havent decided where. He offered to meet 1/2 or come closer to me.

Jared is 34, an insurance agent, lives in the Galleria area. We just started talking tonight so I dont know much yet. He had said that he would like to meet in person, but was honest about being broke till payday, lol. I offered after we talked for awhile for a swim and he agreed. Sounds fun. So Thursday we swim. Lets see how tomorrow goes on if we keep talking.

After the dates I'll see how I feel and go from there. I am not going to casually date. I am looking for a boyfriend. Maybe 3 is my lucky number, maybe it will be one of them, lol. But I am not holding my breath. For all I know they could all flake out one at a time.

Interesting few days lie ahead.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Kevin from the Woodlands

So I keep up w/ all my hits and views and viewers. I wanna know how y'all get here, what you do, etc. I'm nosey. IDK. Well I check it every week or so. And about 2 weeks ago I saw this. (I censored out the actual email address) But that keyword search was for a specific email address of Kevin. Kevin the dead guy. Kevin the guy who lied and lied and lied some more. Made promises to me. And then dies in a horrible car accident. But I didnt know about the lies. And the accident was a lie. I didnt find that out until I was 1 week into trying to mourn over a man who I LOVED who's mother was IM-ing me that it was all a lie. He was alive. And it wasnt his mother. It was him. And then some more lies. Until finally after only 4 months he admitted the truth. He wasnt a divorced secret millionaire w/ an autistic son whom he had custody of w/ no cell phone and a new job in Dallas who want me to QUIT MY JOB AND MOVE TO DALLAS TOO, nope he is a married man w/ 3 kids and a housewife and barely making it paycheck to paycheck.

So whoever you are and for whatever reason you are looking there is the condensed version of him. It has been driving me crazy. Who are you? Why do you wanna know? Did he do it again? Its been 4 months. Do you know him personally? Idk I'm just curious.

PS this was longer but my internet at work still sucks and I thought I copied it but apparently not.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

My mom and Melodi went to Raymondville to see my brother Ryland. And they had a photographer this time. I am so jealous. Here are the pics.

Man I love this little man. His is my mini me and it has been too long since I have been able to hug him. I HAVE to get off and go see him. I wish they had visits on days besides weekends.

Stupid Tire

What a week. Saturday I was told I had a flat. So I called my mom and she brought me fix a flat. But my tire was fine. I mean it had been low-ish but it was fine. So Sunday on the way to work I stopped to put air in it. Sunday at my lunch break I go out there and now its flat, jerks. So annoying. I call my brother Ronnie and he came and changed it once he got off work.
Monday work as usual. Tues was swimming w/ my BFF. Weds I was supposed to have a date. Yeah...that didnt work out. He stood me up. Jerk. Thurs I did nada, I was supposed to get a new tire but I completely forgot.
Last night I was driving home and as soon as I was getting on the freeway I could tell my car felt weird. Then it started wobbling. I knew what was coming next so I slowed down to 50 put on my hazards and drove as far as I could. Got off 610 and was just a few miles down 45 when the awesome sound and feeling of a blown tire finally happened. Stupid SafeClear towed me off the freeway to Denny's for $50 RIP OFF!!! My dad picked me up and this morning he got a new tire, we drove back to Dennys and he put it on.
Theres my catch up.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sara Evans - My Heart Can't Tell You No

When the one you love's in love with someone else,
Don't you know it's torture? I mean it's a living hell.
No matter how I try to convince myself,
This time I won't lose control.
One look in your blue eyes and suddenly
My heart can't tell you no.

I don't want you to call me up no more,
Saying you need me.
You're crazy if you think just half your love
Could ever please me.
Still I want to hold you, touch you
When you look at me that way.
There's only one solution I know:
You got to stay away from me,
Stay away from me!
"cause life we've been living gets harder every day" Vince Gill Dont Let Our Love Slip Away

"cause life dont mean nothing without you" Vince Gill I Still Believe in You

"Its sad when people you know, become people you knew. When you can walk right past someone like they were never been part of your life. How you used to be able to talk for hours and now you can barely look at them" - unknown

"Do I just need to give up and get on with my life" Luke Bryan Do I

"What hurts the most
Is being so close
And having so much to say
And watching you walk away
And never knowing
What could have been
And not seeing that loving you
Is what I was trying to do"
Rascal Flatts What Hurts the Most

Jason Mraz - I Won't Give Up [Official Music Video]

Monday, August 13, 2012

Stupid internet!

Sorry about the emotional post yesterday. But it is my blog and I needed to get that out. I am much better today. In fact, there may be some changes for me in the future. We'll will just leave it at that for now. I am just exploring my opinions, lets just say that.

I am looking forward to my ortho appt tomorrow. I am a little nervous but man oh man, he better hook me up w/ something w/ this pain/numbness. (Hey Marc, text me the name of that drug if I forgot to get it from you please.) I w....

OMG after every 2-3 words my internet flips out...I cant take it. I am gonna go.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

I only wanna be w/ you

I only have 1 post for all of August but its not my fault. I have started to create new entries multiple times but the internet connection at work has been driving me crazy. I'm gonna try again....

Lets see.....its been so long. Kelli totalled her car. She was driving to her dads and went to grab her phone, lost control and ended upside down on the feeder road. Then a week later her and I got into it bc after she waited all day to take me up on an offer to spend the night I cancelled. SO since I cancelled she apparently "needed" me and did drugs instead. Hmmm...needless to say I was more then pissed off. And on top of that it really hurt my feelings.

Tuesday morning is my first appt w/ a ortho for my hands. I cant freaking wait. The numbness and pain is getting to be unbearable. And its affecting my sleep, I think. Waking up w/ my hands just useless. lol I hope we can get this show on the road.

I won tickets to see 5 different concerts. Dierks Bentley(9/28), Jason Aldean(10/26), Gary Allan(9/29), Jake Owen(9/30?), and Luke Bryan(10/26). How exciting. OMG. I really wish someone special would go w/ me...


Friday, August 3, 2012

My Move and Weekend

Monday was super stressful waiting to hear from Juan. I had texted him and was getting no reply. On our last phone call he said he was gonna call/text me Sunday which he didnt. With Tuesday being moving day but still not having a key or anything I was just a little stressed. And it got worse before it got better. On my lunch break I called since he hadnt answered my text and found that his cell was disconnected. To say I flipped out would be an understatement. I knew for sure that he was backing out. I was so worried. Finally around 11pm I get a text from a number I dont reconize. Its him and we make plans for Tuesday.

Tuesday was just as stressful but for different reasons. I am the type of person who would rather get up early and get it done. I hate waiting around. So I ran some late morning/early afternoon. Got some last min things for the apt. Then Kelli and I went and unloaded my car. She started unpacking some stuff. Went and got me a new TV and then Russell and Ronnie showed up. Picked up the uhaul and loaded my storage unit into the uhaul, and moved everything into the new place. Then I took Kelli and Ronnie back to my gmas. Finally around 10 I was home and I did some unpacking, decorating. Ran to the store and got some snacks and drinks. And got a few VHS from Krystal to watch on my VCR. Thats all the tv I had. A freaking VCR connected to a big fancy TV.

Wednesday I unpacked some more. Finished the kitchen and went grocery shopping. I bought about $80 worth from Walmart, wahoo, EXCEPT I decided to carry them all in one trip...BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE. Since then, combine that w/ a lot of lifting and carrying my that goes w/ moving and unpacking, my hands are even worse. How in the world is that possible?? Currently as I type this my middle finger on my left hand has been numb since Weds night. I cant even come close to closing my right hand. I never realized how much your sense of touch is used for everything. Washing your hair, doing dishes. Its hard for me to cook, open a soda, put on pants or a bra. Driving is painful... Def time for the Surgury.

Thursday I went and bought a HDTV antenna so I could get locals at least. I wasnt sure when Juan was gonna get me a cable box. Happily watched tv Thursday afternoon, so no unpacking got done. My mom stopped by to see it and stayed for awhile. Then Juan dropped off the cable box. Whoa. That was fast. And after I bought that damn antenna. Oh well I can use it in case the cable goes out. Russell brought chance over for awhile. Then I made dinner for Krystal and I. She hung out for a few hours.

Overall my weekend was great. I love my new place. LOVE. IT. OMG!!! And yes I have pics. Just a few. And these were taken Tuesday so they arent of the finished product but better then nothing.
The muscles of my moving crew, my brother Ronnie

My new bedset

Big fancy TV and my living room

my fancy pots and pans