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Monday, September 30, 2013

Krystal and Matthew Hayes Wedding

Jon and I when we first got there

Me and my dress

Jon and I in the sanctuary, waiting to start

mom and dad

Krystals parents

teary eyed daddy
giving her away, loved the detail on the back of her dress

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Melissa, her sister, singing God Bless the Broken Road during the Unity Candle


Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Hayes

Me and Melodi with our sparkly dresses

<3 Love this man <3
admiring myself

"How do we do this??!"

So messy

"Do NOT do it!"

Sweet...but I would have smashed it lol at least a little

Too short

Toasting to the Bride and Groom (no warning btw)
Kisses from Mel after my toast (I was very nervous, this was sweet).

Pretty ladies

Everett says he has had enough of this

My beautiful bff/cousin and I. So happy.

The Best Weekend

Before I get to busy I figured it would be good to update.

This weekend was pretty good. Saturday was Krystals wedding. I got up early and finished coleslaw, which came out soooo good btw. From there I was pretty much getting all purty-fied. I was finally just about the head out the door in my first outfit choice, when I had a change of heart about what I was wearing. Originally I was wearing just a more business casual/church cotton gray skirt and a black shirt w/ blue and gray swirly circles that matched Jons colors of his shirt. I decided to wear this really pretty black dress I have had for several years but hadn't worn in forever. I am so glad I changed bc I got a done of compliments. I wanted to get there early but rain was not going to let that happen. We weren't late and the wedding was nice. Krystal looked beautiful. The food was good and I had a really good time. So did Jon. He did really well.
After the wedding and reception we headed off to his uncles bday party. I finally was able to meet more of his family. Everyone was really nice and I think I will fit in just fine w/ his family. They had yummy bbq and we ate well. But we both started crashing hard since we didnt sleep well Friday night for some reason.

Sunday was just a lazy day. We literally did nothing. I felt like I slept the day away, lounging on the couch. Of course that is what Jon loves. We had dinner at a new (to me) little Mexican place down the street since our typical date night/cheat meal was closed?? It wasn't very good. It wasn't bad but not worth my cheat. I didnt finish it. Not even half was eaten.

Today is my follow up and the dr will decide if he'll clear me for work. I really have no idea how this will go. My machine compliance hasn't been that great and I am still dealing w/ some sleep issues. I am excited to weigh tho. :) Silver lining. lol

We are battling an invasion of ants. They have taken over our bedroom. Mostly my side/clothes. I had to wash everything in hot water like 2-3 days ago to kill them all and they were back last night. I shook out everything and pulled ants off. So annoying.

Ok I think thats all. I am gonna make another post with all the wedding pics. Prepare yourself for this. lol

Have a good day!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Coleslaw Wedding

Hey, look, I came back.

I am so anxious waiting to hear from the place I interviewed at. She said 1-2 days but I guess I am not gonna hear anything today. Since its already 5. Bummer, I was really hoping to know something NOW.

I just finished making the coleslaw for the wedding tomorrow. There isn't enough. So unfortunately I am gonna have to send Jon on the way home. He hates that. But I am just too busy. I am, just stopping long enough to finish this up. Plus I'm making dinner.

So the diet is going well. We are almost 4 weeks in and we both can tell a difference. Jon actually has gone down a size in shirts already. And all my clothes I bought a few weeks ago that were too tight are fitting better. But it sucks bc I am having a fat day and my clothes suck and no matter what I put on I am not happy.

Sleep. Sleep sucks. I hate having to use my CPAP. If I do a lot of stuff during the day I crash as soon as I get home. Ugh. I dont know what the doctor is going to end up saying on Monday for my follow up. But I am supposed to return to work on Tuesday. I sure am going to miss being off. I have gotten used to getting up w/ Jon, making him breakfast and lunch. Then having the day to myself to run errands, clean, etc.

Mkay. I need to get off here. Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pyogenic Granuloma

I was thinking I need to start blogging everyday again. It will help with keeping up w/ how I am doing w/ my cpap and dieting.

And I am a terrible blogger bc I wrote those word like a week and a half ago. Oops.

I just got back from the dermatologist (skin doctor) to have him look at and remove my pyogenic granuloma. lol Thats a growth on my finger. It looks like a blood blister. He had to numb my finger, then cut it off, dig it all out and burn the blood vessels. Now the numbing is wearing off and it kinda hurts. Ouchy. 

Saturday is Krystals wedding. I am kinda bummed bc she's my bff and I am not (cant) be in her wedding. She of course asked me but she is having a kinda quicky wedding and I wouldnt have been able to get the dress w/o it costing a lot. I think I would be a lot more upset about this if she was the one wanting to get married. I do wish she would have waited a least a few more months. Basically anytime but now, considering I am not working. Normally I could have bought the dress I needed no problem. Oh well. Her mom is making her so whatev. I'll live.

Yesterday I had an interview for a job I want so freaking bad. Its not open 24/7.  Closed on Sundays. No holidays. Ugh I want this so bad... Hopefully I will hear back soon. And that it will be good news.

Ok...I will be back tomorrow. I promise. lol

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sleep Apnea and Diet updates

Another week went by and I have been slacking on the post.

I've been sleeping w/ the machine now for a week. It got worse after the first night and I was super frustrated for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th night. But I think I am getting used to it. I am not sleeping thru the night yet. I am trying to get used to it. I usually take the mask off sometime during the night after a few hours. I am also on the RX stimulants and I am supposed to take those twice a day. I still find myself falling asleep after breakfast for about an hour or 2. I need to find something to keep myself awake. Its annoying bc I just wanna watch tv.
Another issue I have is that as bedtime approaches I start to have anxiety. I want so badly to be able to sleep thru the night and feel amazing. I want to have my mask fit. I want to sleep comfortably. No leaking, bubbling mask. No tossing and turning trying to find a comfy spot. Frustrating. But I wont give up.

The diet is going well. It def helps that my momma is doing our grocery shopping. Keeps us on track. I know we can easily just go to the store and get crap foods but it is about accountability also. Its been over 2 weeks and it feels good. I need to start working out tho.

Alright. I updated so I feel better.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Me and My Machine

So this happened last night.
I showed Jon how to set it up. And we played w/ it some. He was cracking up. I let him try it and he was freaking out. It is a very weird feeling. But we settled down and I tried to sleep. The first 30 mins-1 hour was kinda rough. I was trying to get into a comfortable position. Since I was a tummy sleeper, and even worse, I sleep on my face. Also making sure once I was comfy that my mask was sealed. But I finally got there. And I slept thru the night. It was awesome. I am so excited.
I am pretty sure I didn't disturb Jon. The mask sometimes makes a funny sound when it bubbles around my face when it loses its seal. I noticed when I woke up that my face is very dry and I have had to use a bunch of chapstick also. But who cares. I slept thru the night. Oh happy day!!

Other then that everything is great. Just wanted to swing by since I said I would.

Monday, September 9, 2013

My Diet Life

I'm feeling conflicted. I kinda want to start a separate blog to use for my main diet blog. I just feel weird doing it here. Hmmm...
I guess I will keep it here bc the diet is my new life and I blog about my life. I just worry about the diet stuff over taking this one. Oh well, here goes the first post.

So its been one week. I don't wanna be all "Look at me, I'm awesome" but I am feeling pretty good. I have not had a regular soda and I feel ok. I am craving one today. I am actually feeling very thirsty. Food wise I have felt pretty satisfied. Here is a typical day for me:

Breakfast: Yogurt
Lunch: Progresso soup
Snack: Popcorn or a Banana
Dinner: Big green salad, chicken or fish, brown rice and some sorta veggies
Dessert: "Smore" or Skinny Cow ice cream

It sure doesnt seem like much but I feel ok. Once I go back to work I am sure I will need more food but sitting around the house, I don't.

Anyway, dinner is ready, just waiting on Jon to get home. I'll try to be back tomorrow and let y'all know how things went w/ my bipap.

I'm baaa-aaack

Never meant to stay away so long. So much has been going on that its overwhelming to even think about stopping to make a post. But I hate to be away for so long.

I forgot on my last update is Jon and I had our 1 year anniversary. He gave me a beautiful cross necklace and I gave him a handmade Texans throw blanket. I love my honey nut. :)

So, besides that, Jon and I have been doing well on our diets. I don't know about Jon but I have never eaten this well. I mean, we ate ok growing up, but it was a lot of processed foods. Now we eat pretty much only fresh food. Chicken, fish, veggies, and brown rice. lol Well, I cant wait to see results.

I am supposed to get my machine today. Wahoo. I hope it goes well tonight. And actually I need to go get ready.

I will try and post more until I return to work...altho I sure have enjoyed my time off.