Seriously? You have GOT to be kidding me!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Too Busy Already

My stupid stomach. I swear to everything I am sick of this. Heartburn, pain, nausea!!! AAAAAaaaaaHhhh! lol Yesterday I had mild heartburn while I was packing and when I started eating dinner it was burning so bad like a freaking lava pit erupting up my throat. Then it simmered down. I went to bed and it came back w/ a vengeance AND I had taken a freaking pill before I went to bed. Since I packed all our extra pillows I couldnt prop myself up any more then normal. I did my best and apparently it was good enough bc I slept thru the night. But woke up this morning and my stomach is a molten pit of despair and sadness. Ugh.

Anyway, yesterday after work, I met 2 ladies for some more little items for the house. I got an Easter table runner, a plastic white wall clock, some soaps/bathroom decorations. Today I am going to get an alarm clock and an apron. I am almost completely packed up.

Its getting super busy so I need to go. Heres a pic of my living room currently.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Did Ya Miss Me!!?

So sorry about yesterday. Monday evening right around when Jon got home I started having really strong and painful stomach pains. So bad actually that it hurt to anything more then lay down really. Jon wanted to take me to the ER of course, but we agreed that if it was still bad in the morning he was taking me.
While we were finishing up dinner my cell rang and it was Arlene. We got the house!!! Finally, thank GOD!! So w/ the news our evening kinda took a turn around. We called our parents and I posted on facebook. The excitement kinda kept us up later then normal, then on top of that the..umm...celebration continued for awhile and by the time I was falling asleep it was waaaaaaay past my bedtime. Plus my stomach pains were coming back. I woke up several times and when my alarm went off 3 hours later I knew I needed to call in. There was no way I could function on 3 hours and deal w/ my frickin period cramps!! Yeah, thats what the pain was. Which is a bunch of crap bc I dont have bad ones usually...psh. Sorry for no TMI warning but you'll live. I did, plus I'm over people being weird about periods. Its life, literally.
Anyway, so I went back to bed and got up when Jon did. I still was feeling pretty miserable and cuddled up on the couch and watched a movie I had been wanting to see since me and Jon started dating, Anna Karenina. Around 10:30 I finally got dressed and headed out to get more boxes and tape. Once I got home, I turned on some music and started packing. Just slowly getting everything organized and packed away. Donna was down w/ me off and on. She cant sit for too long, so she would hang out then go upstairs, then back down, then back up. lol She got kinda emotional too about how things have gone for her and Danny and their relationship w/ Jon. Meh. Well in the middle of all that I was able to get a whole lotta shit done. The living room is done. All my stuff in the garage is re-taped up/boxed. And I have moved to the bedroom. Thats where I will start today. Probably in the closet. While I'm at work today I'm gonna reserve a Uhaul and do a change of address form.

Man. I cant believe this is finally it. This is the last thing Jon and I have been waiting for and we are less then 4 days away. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I cant wait to run naked room to room just bc I can. Hell, maybe I wont run, I will walk, very slowly...with the blinds closed. lol

K people. Have a great Hump Day!! I'll leave you with a pic of the front.

Monday, February 25, 2013


Phew. Glad the weekend is over. Said no one, ever. But actually I kinda am. I did a whole bunch of nothing.
I had all those appointments Friday afternoon. First w/ Dr Thomas, my neurologist. She did an electromyography, EMG, to test for carpal tunnel. That was weird as hell. It kinda hurt. She said my right hand tested w/ mild carpel tunnel and my left was none. WHAT!! Thats insane. And my derm said the hand skin issue is excema. So thats all done.
Friday night Jon called on his way home and told me to get dressed and be ready. Mkay YAY date night :) Saturday I pretty much accidentally Donna-ed the day away aka slept all day. When Jon got home we were both bored bored bored so we went for a road trip. Sunday was Daytona 500 OMGWTFBBQ! Lol Yeah I kinda watched it while reading and playing around on the comp. Later we ordered a movie, End of Watch, which was really good and enjoyed a day w/o the dumbasses upstairs.

So why am I ready for the weekend to be over, bc the last communication we had w/ Arlene was that everything was back except the form from Red Door, the place we rent from now. We were all hoping to hear something before the weekend. But no, nothing, had to go thru the whole weekend in a pending state. SUCKS. Hopefully today we will get the final answer.

Mkay, this has taken way too long to update. So busy already.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Millions of Doctor Appts

Nothing exciting happened yesterday. I worked my full shift, no early day for me. Got home and started a new recipe in the crock pot. TexMex Chicken. It was good.
But unfortunately I am having some serious stomach issues. I have been in some pretty bad pain after I eat. This has changed from the burning I was having the week before. Just so many stomach issues. So annoying. And uncomfortable. Wahhh. I really dont wanna go to a gastroenterologist (spell chk says thats wrong but its, lol). Jon almost wanted to take me to the hosp last night. NO! Booo. I swear it would probably just be gas and I'd be embarrassed. lol

So speaking of a million appts, I have 2 today. First w/ a neurologist for an EMG for my carpal tunnel. And then w/ a derm for my dry skin. And of course my hands would start to look better right before my appt.

We got an email from Arlene last night saying that the only thing left pending was our rental history, that they had called and were waiting on a call back. She thinks/hope we should hear something today.

Hmm ok its torture waiting, in case you didnt know.
Alright TGIF. Lets get this day over with.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sorry for the Profanity

I had such a busy day yesterday. I got off work @ 11 and since it was so early I went and hung out w/ my bff and her fussy crying but adorably cute baby, Little E aka Tator Tot. It was a nice visit but we need a girls night soon.
Got home and was looking forward to getting into comfy clothes and starting dinner when I see a big wet spot on my side of the bed. One of the dogs must have had an accident, I am leaning toward Chance. Mostly bc the puppy has peed downstairs a million times and never in the bed, plus Chance has done this once. When he drinks a bunch of water and then goes to sleep he sometimes has accidents if he doesn't wake up soon/fast enough. SO, I stripped the bed, it was even on Jon's comforter (we don't share currently bc we have a king bed and 2 queen comforters, which is good but it would be nice to share eventually) packed up everything and headed to the laundry mat. My plan was to drop it off and have the little Asian man that was there last time do it. But then I got there it was some different guy and he seemed very rude.
Before I left for the laundry mat I had thrown dinner in the crock pot. New recipe. Got home and stupid fucking Donna was in one of her "I must talk" moods. So she talked too much and told me things I am sure she wasn't supposed to. Like how her ring, that he just got her, cost $1000. She has her nails done, she is getting her hair cut. That is so much fucking bullshit. Her and Danny can go to hell. How is it fair that they have essentially wiped out Jon completely but yet they get to live here basically free, still working w/ a paycheck, a title loan and $5000 tax refund and not give him one dime?? And if they are sober enough to go spend $1000 on a ring for his fucking crack head skank then they aren't doing enough drugs and mixing it w/ alcohol to kill themselves. All I know is we better get this damn house. SHIT FUCK ASS BALLS. lol

I really HATE that people like them get to live a relatively happy existence, even if they are miserable and fight all the time. Its doesn't matter. They need to struggle and be stressed, like we have had to do.


OK anyways...dinner turned out amazing and the night ended well tho wink winky face :) lol

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hump Day!

This is breakfast. We went grocery shopping last yesterday and packs of 4 were on sale for 2 for $4. And I was curious. Its basically applesauce - to go. The consistency was strange at first, to be squeezing into your mouth like toothpaste. But it wasnt that thick and after the initial mind block it actually was very yummy. Thats one of my fav things about grocery shopping is finding new things for meals, snacks and stuff for the lunch box. I cant believe how much I have gotten into finding new recipes, shopping for them and then seeing how it turns out. Like this week I am making 3 new recipes for dinner.
We haven't heard back yet from the house people. I need to call our lady and just check in. And I guess we need to make plans to look at other houses soon in case we dont hear from the people from the 1st house.

Today felt like a good day to call in. I slept for 5 mins thru my alarm this morning. I didnt go to bed till 11 and even then it felt like it took too long to get into a good deep sleep.

I have a little hurty pimple next to my eye. Me no likey.

Welp thats all. Have a good Wednesday!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jon Will LOVE this Post :)

I dont have a whole lot to say today. I'm trying to force a post just bc I have been pretty consistent about posting every work day.

I really have been wanting a new pic of J and I. But he fights me on pics. He's always putting his hands up and blocking my shots. Out of all my shots the other day this was the only one that had his face. His sweet adorable lovable ur.. I mean manly rugged face.
He will probably kill me for posting this so I hope y'all have enjoyed my blog. lol But while I am talking about him, have I mentioned how much I love him? Oh I have. Well, what about how happy he makes me? Thats been mentioned too? Hmm... All those things are still true, in case you needed a reminder.
Look at the face!! I smile just looking at him. I wish there were more hours in the day so we could spend more time together. We rarely watch tv once he comes home, we'd rather spend time talking to each other laying in bed. Ugh. I miss him already. I wish we had morning together too.

I better wrap this up before it gets busy.
PS I took my nose ring out, permanently.

Good Tuesday! Hope we hear from Arlene our Real Estate lady about the house today!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

I Went to Mexico (almost).

Is the weekend really over already?
What a bummer! Oh well.

After work Friday I had made a Drs appt bc my stomach has been burning like crazy and it was somewhat painful. The dr just rx some stronger meds then I was already taking and we will see how that goes. BUT I did weigh and I have lost a total of 20lbs!! Yay! I am so happy. I thought I had been slacking so I was kinda nervous to weigh. I'm awesome, lol. That night I spent the night w/ my momma so we could leave early to see Ryland. I thought she meant like 3 am. No she meant 7 and we ended up not leaving until 8. The long drive there was ok. Then we get there and the line was out into the street. It took almost 2 hours to get in so we didnt a full 4 hours. But the visit still went really well. I loved being able to see him. Then we drove back and Jon picked me up. I missed him soooo much.

Yesterday we slept in and eventually went to his moms to visit, have lunch and do laundry. I really enjoy spending time w/ his momma. And he is spoiled. She did our laundry. But I helped, I couldnt just sit there. And later in the evening Jon wanted something sweet so his mom actually went and got him (and all of us dessert from Sonic). Little brat!!

I keep over sleeping. At least once a week I wake up, realize I'm running late and frantically run around, getting ready and speed to work. I need to go buy an actual alarm clock. My cell doesnt work for me. Ugh. It happened this morning. So far each time I have made it in but I feel like pretty soon my luck will run out.

Mkay. Happy Monday y'all!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Cant We All Just Get Along

I took this pic after I got off work yesterday. I pulled into the driveway and that was in the side yard. I walked right past it then decided you know as a kid I couldnt get enough of these. I went back, picked it and then took a deep breath, made a wish and tried to blow all the thingys off in one blow. How long has it been since you've done something you loved as a kid? Something to remind you of simpler times. It was a nice little step back. Heres hoping my wish comes true.

On that note I have a good news bad news story. Jon and I had our first fight. Yep. On Valentines Day. We are cool like that. The topic for the fight seems silly but our reasons make sense. Basically I had my feelings hurt bc I feel like he bashes my "hometown" and I pretty much shut down. It was barely 8 and I went to bed. Fully dressed. See I am really stubborn and all he had to do was say one thing and he wouldnt so I was done. Where the problem is is that we are both stubborn and we both were determined not to lose. We laid in bed not talking, not sleeping for a few hours. I did fall asleep for a short period. When I woke up he was on the computer. In my head I was going back and forth. But finally I decided it was more important to me to fix it then to win. That was the bad news.

The good news is we figured out that we are both the same. Which isnt good. The good part is we agreed to never go to bed angry. We will have fights, but we cant let ourselves do the stubborn thing. Its not good for either one of us and just makes things worse. I did start talking and we cleared the air and apologized. He came to bed and we are good now. Which is important since I am leaving tonight to go see Ryry.

Alright its super busy at work. TGIF!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Its Lovers Day!!

Happy Valentines Day!

Thats my pretty Origami Owl necklace that Jon surprised me with. He came home on Saturday, tossed me a box and said HVD. It was a flashlight similar to the one he has in his truck. I was so confused. I like the flashlight but for Valentines? He was serious and so ok, a flashlight it is. But then a few days later he gave me the necklace. Yay!! I <3 it!! So our Vday is already celebrated. No other plans. Dinner in tonight. We are trying to move and get that house so we dont need to be going crazy.

Speaking of dinner. The other night at my moms bday dinner I told my mom that I no longer feel like I am a democrat and that I do not support Obama. I am NOT republican or racist, nor do I think he is a terrorist out to destroy our country. BUT I do think he is a terrible leader and a puppet. She handled it well. Or a well as possible I guess. We were able to discuss why I feel that way and how we all felt. It went well. Well...Jon didnt really participate but thats ok. lol

Yesterday I met up w/ Arlene, our rental agent, and gave her our applications, check stubs, copy of our ID's, the soul of our first born, and the money order. Hoping to hear back from her today or tomorrow about the status of everything. I am so anxious. I want to just get the all clear and get this show on the road. Ugh.

Mkay hope everyone has a lovely day and gets some lovin' tonight ;)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I will have a good day!

Today will be a good day. Today will be a good day.
Today will be a good day. Today will be a good day.

Maybe if I just keep telling myself that I will have one. No, really. I am gonna try to not let my sleepiness get me in a funk. But it has already been a frustrating day and I have only been out of bed for 2 hours. Lemme rewind a little...

Yesterday was my mommas bday. Pedro and I planned a (surprise) dinner for my mom at Red Lobster at 8. I already knew I was gonna be tired today. Then they were late. And our service was slow. The waiter was overly friendly which was awkward. Oh, and my mom was a little tipsy so she was loud. I felt so bad for the couple right next to us. Food was yum and my mom was happy. Got home and in bed around 11.
Altho I did wanna call in, I am trying to clear my attendance record. I had let way too many days build up and I dont like feeling like I am living my life on the edge, lol. So yeah I got up when my evil, evil alarm went off only hitting the snooze twice. Took me twice as long to get ready too. Sooo sleepy. I could actually feel myself getting heavy eyelids on the drive TO work, which is not a good start to the day. Get to Starbucks ordered my coffee and breakfast and the lady tells me, after already waiting a few mins, that the oven wasnt pre-heated so its gonna take a few more mins bc she needs to wait on that to toast my bagel. Ugh. Ok


Um...What time is it? 5:20! OMG Bitch, I cant wait anymore. I swap out my bagel for a parfait and try to leave. Walk outside and some big doucher in a Lexus is so close to me I literally can NOT get in my car. I am thoroughly PISSED at that point. I go back in and yell for who ever drives it needs to move bc I cant get in my car. I cant believe he parked so close. He had to squeeze to get in and hes super skinny. Jerk.

Anyway, I was so annoyed and could feel myself getting in a funk but really, I dont wanna be grumpy.
This coffee is making my tummy hurty. Boo.

K thats all. <3

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


We found our house. Its awesome. Ever since we went and looked at it I cant stop thinking about it. The bathroom is huge. The living room is so nice. The kitchen. The garage. The laundry room. I cant get over it. We turn in the application and app fees today. I am bouncing off the walls inside my head.

Came home to the power being out, again. Dumbass bitch was asleep. Never even knew the power was out. Jon had to pay it in full AGAIN, with of course no payback from them. Luckily that should have been the last bill he will ever have to pay for them. Jerks.

Hmm well I took too long to update and now its getting busy so gotta cut this short.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Tease

The weekend started off so good. I got off early on Friday, at noon. Came home. Opened up the blinds and a few doors, sat on the couch and watched Scrubs on Netflix. Mindlessly surfed the web and snuggled w/ my pup. Made dinner and spent the evening with Jon.
Saturday morning was more of the same. Got up and headed to the living room. Opened up blinds and windows. Had breakfast and met a lady down the street to pick up some stuff I bought off her online. Watched more Scrubs and snoozed off and on. Jon actually got to come home at a decent time. We watched Valentines Day and then Here Comes the Boom. We had an amazing night after the movie. We had the house to ourselves and we took advantage.

Sunday...the awesome weekend I was having came crashing down. First the real estate guy flaked out. And I was so disappointed. Everyday that goes by is another day we could lose a house we both would love. We then decided to cash in our GC to Gringos. It was yummy and fattening and I ate all my dinner. We both were happily dozing in our food coma's when I saw something on the stairs by the window outside. I got up and looked out the blinds and there was the worst sight in the world.

Donnas Blazer.

She came back. Danny had been MIA since Thursday and I kept saying I want him to come home. I wanna see him. I wanted to check in w/ him and see how he was doing. Saturday night I said to Jon I just hope he hasnt gone to Sugarland, where her mom lives. Sigh.

The last few days was so nice. This weight that was sitting on the house was lifted. Jon and I were comfortable and happy. We got a taste of what it will be like when its just the 2 of us. It was so nice while it lasted. How disappointing.

We picked up all of stuff and went to our room for the rest of the evening. And we will be back in there again from now on. Sucks. We shouldnt let them run us off into our room, but we dont like interacting w/ them at all. If we are in OUR living room they speak to us. No thanks.

So sad....

Friday, February 8, 2013

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

OMG What a night!?! So I didnt blog yesterday bc I was kinda overwhelmed w/ everything but basically Wednesday night Danny and Donna got into probably the biggest fight so far. The screaming was coming from both sides (more Donna of course) and they were stomping around upstairs for awhile going back and forth. The usual was said and she threatened to leave...again.
Came home yesterday. I'm in the room and hear all kinds of racket, so I grab Chance and open the door to see all kinds of boxes and bags in front of the door. She comes down and says shes leaving Danny. Shes tired of him and his crap. She cant take it anymore. I took a nap and when I woke up she was gone.
And the people rejoiced. lol
I know that Danny still has issues, but hes not the dramatic one. Hes not the one who stirs up shit. The entire house felt like there was a weight lifted from it. Everyone was happy and smiles. It was crazy. Danny came down and chit chatted w/ us and it was so nice. So hopefully they stay apart. Apparently Jon says Danny isnt one of those guys who goes back and forth w/ women, so we will see. He has a plan to get back on his feet and outta his hole. I'm rooting for him of course.

I stopped by the store yesterday on the way home to pick up dinner. Since J is tired of chicken I was picking up some stuff to make chili dogs (chicken dogs, turkey chili, whole wheat buns). When you walk in they have flowers in the entrance and I have been eyeing them for over a week now. I decided to go ahead and buy a dozen hot pink roses for Jon. I know its weird for guys to get flowers but they're 1/2 for him and 1/2 for the house. They are so pretty. And dinner came out so freaking good.

Well TGIF and hope y'all have a good weekend. Jon and I are looking at house, FINALLY :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


This describes exactly what happened w/ J and I. He is my everything. I couldn't have asked for anything more. Its been an amazing 5 months. And I really cant wait till we are in our house.

God. He makes me so happy.

I Quit!

Wow!! I quit cold turkey after having a really bad cold/flu several years ago. I never expected to stay quit so I didnt pay attention to the date. I know it was Dec/Jan either 07/08. So this is a guess-timate but either was its still been a long time.

Pretty cool.

Hey Pretty Girl

I had a rough day diet wise yesterday. First I didnt even try to resist some peanut M&M's in training class. Which wouldnt have been too bad had that been my only issue. Nope. After having to stay late at work bc of the training class (that was a complete waste of time) I decided to stop at Sonic. My intention was to get an unsweet tea. Well they were advertising 99 cent snacks during "happy hour." So I ordered 2 mozzarella sticks. Once he brought out the order I realized it was 2 full size orders. He messed up. And instead of doing the right thing....I ate them all. BUT the good news is today is a new day AND I learned something. If I notice a lack of willpower during the day dont tempt myself later. Oh and PS my stomach has hurt off and on since then.

Jon and I are both getting pretty tired of chicken. I cant wait till we move so I can cook in the kitchen like a normal person instead of in a garage w/ just a microwave and crockpot. I would like to make some fish, and we could do some lean red meats too. But those dont do well in the microwave, lol. I am gonna try and find some recipes in the mean time that are meatless to add to our weekly dinners.

I am completely in love with this song currently. Its a beautiful song, telling a beautiful story.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


First I wanna start off with super awesome NSV. I can put my bra on again. lol I was having to pull it over my head, leaving the clasps connected. But now I have more range of motion back and can do it the regular way. Also I went grocery shopping for the week by myself and unloaded my car. And didnt want to kill myself or anyone else.

Kelli and her drug problem. I am so over it. I deleted her from my facebook. I couldnt take it anymore. Just like I said to Krystal and posted as my status, why does she get to be all happy and carefree while our family sits and suffers thru her addiction. I hate how her problem becomes OUR problem while she just keeps the cycle going over and over. And I know the opinion of some is that shes,and other addicts, are waste of a life and better off dead, etc, but...shes family. Damn it.

I tried a new recipe last night. Spaghetti in the crockpot. I totally didnt see how that would work but omg it was yummy. Jon prefers his meatless so I threw one chicken breast in for me, used the healthy noodles and lower fat alfredo to mix w/ the tomato sauce. I dont prefer full flavor of just tomato. Too acidy. It taste kinda like the chef boyrdee sauce except more spices. Its good.

And lastly I just wanna say, I know I say it all the time, but I really love my bf :) Hes awesome.

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Weekend is Gone :(


So after work Friday I went straight to the Drs office for my appt w/ my ortho. My appt wasnt until 3:30 but I was hoping I could get seen earlier. I got there at 1 and I had to wait till 2:30ish. So that sucked. I didnt have my kindle or my cell bc it was dead. But I was glad to get in earlier. Dr Velez still wants me to have the surgery and we scheduled my EMG for 2/22. And he went ahead and gave me the shots. I felt the pain of the actual shot more this time. There was some numbness on the drive home but overall I was handling it well. Then all hell broke loose. The numbness started to subside and the pain started. I've heard of these cortisone shots being painful, but I didnt have issues the first time. It kept getting worse and worse. I spent several hours laying in bed crying and trying not to move my hands. FUCK THAT SHIT!! No more shots. Surgery is next. But Jon came home and made me work out my hands and I was pretty much fine by bedtime.

Saturday nothing to eventful happened this weekend. I slept in a little. Went to the grocery store for a few things. Made dinner, yummy BBQ baked potatoes. Jon and I watched a movie and FINALLY made up for all the torture during the week. lol

Yesterday was my gpa's bday party, so we drove out there. Unfortunately the party wasnt till 3! Which was when we had kinda planned on leaving. We werent able to bc we were waiting on the clothes. We were able to leave at 4. I had NO IDEA the game started early so it totally threw all my plans out the window. Got home and dropped off Jon just in time to see the kick off and I ran to pick up dinner and beer (in his truck, which I have my own set of keys for now, btw :). Had a pretty good night w/ Jon, Danny and Donna. We all got nice and not sober. Then went pretty much straight to bed after the game. I do wanna say one thing, we had James Coney Island for dinner and damn the gas. My stomach hurt so bad now. Gosh.

So since we didnt got grocery shopping, we are gonna have to go today. I hate being off my routine. But I am still staying on the diet...sorta. As best I can w/ no food in the house, lol.

OK well, happy Monday.

Friday, February 1, 2013

My Hands be Painin'!

Blasties! So sometimes things dont work out like you had intended them to. Doesnt mean anything went wrong just not the way you originally thought it would work. I didnt cook just like I said I wouldnt. And Jon came home super early to surprise me. It was like 3ish. How cool. I was totally shocked. We played Madden (he won of course) and then COD (I think?). I suck. BUT I made progress. I was laughing so hard. I really really wish I could have seen video playback of my guy. I was having a very hard time learning the controls. I was laughing so hard. Even now thinking about how I was walking into walls and spinning in circles bc I couldnt figure out how to turn makes me lol. Jon was yelling directions at me like keep up w/ him, etc and I guess he was being attacked or something bc he yelled you suck at these games. Jeez. lol. Good times. After video games we ate ramen, I took a shower, packed our lunches and headed to bed.
I know, I know. But I was so tired. I was falling asleep by 6:30-7. I'm so lame. Tonight! For sure.

After work today I get to see my orthopedic for my carpal tunnel. Wahoo. I am so excited. My hands hurt so bad today after playing xbox. Plus my skin is all cracked and dry. I wanna talk to him about that too. I wonder if people w/ CT are more susceptible to this...whatever the F it is. It hurts. BUT I am looking forward to weighing. Bummer it will be so late in the day after eating and such. But I still wanna see. I hope I've lost something.

Welp its Feb 1st. I have gone a whole month on my diet. Go me! I think this is the longest I have lasted w/o also taking diet pills. And I couldnt have done it w/o my sweet love. I am so proud of him. He, of course, is melting away. His jeans are waaaaaaaaaaay too big. His shirts hang off him. We have bad days and we still struggle sometimes but the good days out number the bad. We are on our way to being even sexier then ever :)

SO TGIF people. Have a good day!!