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Friday, March 29, 2013

Sloppy Joe Bake

So I found this recipe on Pinterest, and it linked to Heartfelt Homemaking.

I did modify it slightly. I didn't make the sauce from scratch. When I was grocery shopping the Manwich sauce was on sale 5 for $5 so I had a bunch to use.

 Sloppy Joe Bake
1 lb lean ground meat
1 can sloppy joe sauce
2 cans crescent rolls
shredded cheese

Not Pictured bc I forgot:
sesame seeds
 Also I know there are 2 cans of sauce, I was worried it would be dry but 1 was enough for 1 lb meat. And I dont know if it really needs more then 1lb.

Preheat oven to 425
Brown meat; Drain

Add sauce mix, reduce heat to simmer until sauce thickens.

While meat cooks spray 11x9 baking dish with nonstick spray, and press entire contents of one crescent roll tube on bottom, making sure to close seams.

 After meat has simmered approx 10 mins pour or spoon mixture over the crescent rolls.

Sprinkle w/ about 1 c shredded cheese*.

On a flat nonstick surface, I used a baking sheet, roll out the other tube of crescent rolls, pressing the seams, to cover top of meat mixture.
Sprinkle sesame seeds and bake for 15-20 mins.

*Dont forget to add the cheese until after you put the top layer of crescent roll on top and have to carefully remove each section, therefor breaking the seams, stretching out the dough so you can put cheese under it. Oops.
Finished yummyness^.

^Yeah its a little overcooked, lol. I read the directions originally and thought it said 30 mins. Oops.
Servings 8
est. Calories 337.5
est. Fat 15.75
High in fat BUT most was not saturated. Still need a leaner meat and figure out a better dough.

It turned out super yum and I got the good job kiss/seal of approval from JLove.
Did you decide to make this? Did you do anything different? How did it come out?
Leave a comment and let me know :)

Its Good Friday

YAY!! We made it past 6 months. lol I knew we would. We are the best most awesome couple ever. I am such a lucky lady :)

I made lasagna roll ups last night. I used whole wheat pasta and some "healthy" pasta sauce. It turned out so good. I am looking forward to my leftovers, lol. I think, if I remember to do it, I am going to start taking pics of our meals to share here. Its become a big part of my life now. And its something I really enjoy doing. From picking out recipes (usually via pinterest), planning our menus, grocery shopping, making the meals and then having dinner w/ Jon. Its all something that just makes me so happy. It fits w/ my dream. All my life growing up I have wanted nothing more then to be a stay at home mom/wife. Taking care of the house and kids (hopefully one day) is something I want so bad. day. At least I got one part for now.

This weekend is Easter. Yay!! I made the baskets and I am looking forward to seeing my family and spending time w/ them and Jon. Unfortunately its gonna be a busy weekend for Jon. The 3rd shop is opening Monday so he has a lot to do w/ that.

My back has been killing me. I took a long hot bath yesterday and got Jon to do a quick massage at bedtime but I can feel it starting to tighten up now. I cant think of anything except my work chair maybe. IDK. Ugh.

Well it looks like I am already starting to make progress on my phobia. I found a good website and it had some very useful info. I also asked my friends on facebook to pray for me and got some advice from Marc. I really wanna kick it, or at least bring it back down a few notches.

Ok Peoples. TGIF!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Stomach Hurts

The first pic was Thanksgiving. The 2nd was this past Sunday.
Look at how far we have come. There is NO denying we have lost weight. I have the Thanksgiving pic framed on my desk at work and the new one as my wallpaper. And I was sitting here yesterday when it just clicked that wow look at the difference. Thats so awesome. I cant wait till we meet our goals and see the complete before and after.

Nothing much has been going on the last couple days. I finally went grocery shopping. Spent $184 but I did buy for more then 1 week. It was 8 or 9 dinners worth. I have made some new dinners the past couple nights that came out really yummy and ended up being enough for another night too. Tonight is also another new recipe night. I know Jon is gonna like dinner tonight. He loves pasta. I am trying whole wheat pasta and a "healthy" sauce. So we will see how it comes out.

One of the things we are doing to help our money go a little further is stocking up when something is on sale. Also we check the grocery sale papers, and their websites. Also since we have a food processor I decided to buy a block of cheese and try shredding it myself. Worked out pretty well. Until I cut my freaking finger. lol

One last thing I wanted to talk about is my phobia. I have had this phobia for as long as I can remember. And it has gotten worse and worse for me. I really think its bc of my job. I have a fear of vomit. Me, you, Jon, coworkers, doesnt matter. But its really starting to interfere w/ life. I think about it all day. It has started to consume me. How do you get over a phobia? ugh...

Anyway have a great day and lets hurry up and get to April 5th @ 2pm for my vaca to start!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Our House, In the Middle of the Street

What do you love/hate about the place you’re living and what would you change?

We just moved in and are basically settled. So I figured this would be a perfect time to do this. I saw it on someone elses blog and I am sooooo sorry I can NOT remember who. If it comes to me I will leave a link here. And of course excuse the mess. Its midweek and a we actually never got around to cleaning this weekend. The basics, she is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage. I cant remember the exact square footage but it was around 1200ish.
Lets start with the front.
Originally I was NOT a fan of the exterior design. Its odd and not what I would typically say is my "style" home. But I love it now. The color is a little boring, there are more variety of  colors thru out the neighborhood. What I do like is the landscaping. You can tell at some point (before it sat vacant for who knows how long) it was very loved. I would like to add some decor on the front patio area. It is quite large.
When you walk in the front door you are looking into the living room thru this column. To the right is the laundry room and the left is the dining room/kitchen. Nothing wrong in the entryway to me. You can see the 2 story vault from the entry. I am looking forward to adding pieces here.
 So to the left behind you is the kitchen. The island is not original. The counters on the right used to go to the window and the door to the left was the only pantry, which is tiny, so someone put in a larger pantry on the right and added the island to give more counter/storage space. Good thinking. Except! The sink and dishwasher are on the right and the fridge and range on the left which makes unloading the dishwasher and draining foods a hassle. But its minor and hasnt been too big an issue. I do like that there is a window above the sink and 2 pantries are pretty awesome. We use the small one for spices and things like trash bags, ziploc bags. The larger holds canned goods and everything else. Another thing I love is the amount of storage space. I have room to keep everything hidden, like all the small appliances. (Just got back from the grocery store so the gatorades haven't been put up yet :)
That brings us to the dining room (minus one kitchen chair). Pretty standard. Nice vaulted ceilings. Lots of natural light. Actually thats a plus thru out the house. As you can see there is tile, which is also thru out the house, except the bedrooms. The only thing I dislike about the dining room is really the tile causes the table to slide. So I will center it and then a few days later its over center again. I need to put some rubber things on the table feet. PS Photobombing doggie.
To the left of the entry is a door that leads to the laundry. This doesnt seem like it was original either. In the garage is looks like there was a place it used to be. This is fine, just makes the shape of the living room/entry a little different. And this is pretty tight. To get in and out of both doors you have to have both open. But meh. Its not a deal breaker...obviously.
Living room. I love it. Again tile floors are cold but we will eventually have rugs. I love the fireplace. The larger couch is right at the bottom of this pic. 2 story ceiling in here. And more natural light. Just love this space.
The sliding glass door opens to a covered patio. Heres where some more landscaping comes in. There is that little covered garden patch and a fountain. There are really nice flood lights that are attached to the bottom of the deck that shine into the garden. To the right it opens up to 2 marble(ish?) slabs one that you can see there. And one further into the yard. Looks like it was for a hot tub.
Here is the rest of the backyard. We back up to a...creek? So no back neighbors. The yard is very private. I have been thinking about starting my summer tan soon. The shed there for even more outside storage. And you can see the corner of the 2nd slab.
Heres the other side view of the patio going back into the living room.
From the hallway looking up into the living room. You can see the front door there by the kitchen. The coat closet and the ledge going around the closet and laundry room. We want to put something there but... who knows what. And you can see the huge vaulted ceiling w/ the windows. This is a love hate for me. I love the height and its very interesting. But the light at certain times can be an issue with where our tv is. And the blinds are gross discolored. And the cords are all tangled? WTF!
The next stop on our tour, lol, is the guest bedroom. Small, but functional. Its the furthers from the master. At the end of the hallway to the left. This is a queen and it fits just right. A huge 2 door closet thats walk thru. Nothing negative about this room really.
The next room is the office. Its very small. And as a bedroom it would really only fit a twin. But it would make a good nursery as it is right next to the master. (Hi other kitchen chair :) Large closet w/ shelving we use for games and books. This is Jons room, he still has some unpacking/putting away to do. PS Photobombing doggie.
Straight across the hall from the office is the guest bath. Nothing really to say here. Its functional. Does what it needs to do for a guest bath. I do like the updated sink cabinet and wall medicine cabinet. And the full mirror above the sink, instead of some homes that put tiny mirrors. I personally dont like sliding shower doors, but meh.
Master Bedroom. Very large. And messy. Sorry about that. The pic makes it look worse then it is. But yes plenty of room. We have our king size bed, 2 night stands, a large tv w/ stand to the left, my vanity and a dresser to the right. Nice vaulted ceilings again. Right inside the door to the right is Jon's closet. Its kinda small for a master so we dont share. Then just past that is the bathroom.
Right as you walk into the bathroom this is on the left. My precious. How I love thee. OMG this tub. I heart it so. It has a sky light above it and its perfect. lol No but really my only complaint is the space in between the tub and the floor. Its kinda wide making getting in and out kinda hard, but I got it down now.
Next to my bathtub is Jons shower. lol Its quite large and have a built in bench. The windows bring more natural light in. And there is plenty of room for both of us. You know, to conserve water. Think about the planet :)
My closet/linen closet and his/her sinks. Every guest we have shown the house has loved the bathroom. And for me it was really the selling feature. The rooms are small and some things are really nice but then at the same time there poor contractor work thru out. But this room. Its as big as the master. Love it!!

But with all that said, I love this house. The pros and cons. I will take them all. Because at the end of the day, I have a roof over my head that I get to share w/ my love. Its so nice to come home to a happy loving space. We dont need all this, but I am thankful for everything we have. I enjoy decorating and making it a place for us. Sitting down every night to a home cooked meal in a kitchen and then relaxing in front of tv.
Anyway yes. I love it.

*Not pictured garage bc its nothing special and its just got some boxes and my car :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


What’s the strangest way that you’ve become introduced to a new world of literature and new way of thinking?

Most of my life has been spent just following along w/ what my immediate family has thought/believed. And I have either surrounded myself w/ like minded people in the past or people who didn't have strong opinions of an opposite view point. I don't too much like politics, especially discussing w/ family or on social media sites. But for the sake of this post I will say that I was raised democrat. I did vote for Obama in 2008. In 2012 I didn't vote at all. In 2008 I was sure of who, what, and why I supported who I supported. By 2012 I was unsure about a lot of things, but I knew for certain I didn't support Obama any longer. Politics for me are still very confusing but I am starting to feel more educated and am seeing things in a whole new light. And its because of 2 people.
First it was Marc. I fought and pretty much shut down every time Marc would talk politics. I think it was just his style. I would feel very attacked. I know he wasn't trying to attack ME, he just feels very strongly. And it didn't mean I did HEAR what he said. Then there was Jon, and he feels and believes everything Marc does. He just exposed me to it differently.

Now I just wanna say that my opinions have changed but not bc of Marc or Jon. But they just helped me when I was feeling confused and lost. Knowing I felt that things weren't right but not sure how or why I felt that way.

So the question says a "new world of literature and a new way of thinking," I would say that's exactly what this all is. Its a new world for me now. I am not just going along, blindly, with the rest. I am finding and READING information to educate me, support my view and better understand it all.

Monday, March 25, 2013


Great pic of us from Sunday 3/24/13.

Its Monday.

The training on Friday went well. I am excited for all the new changes at work. First we are getting a new system that is hopefully going to make this a little easier. Then we are getting a dress code, which isnt exciting, but I am glad that everyone who sucks and made us go to a dress code now have to wear a polo and slacks everyday. Bitches. Then we have a brand new building and will be moving in the summer. Yay. Its gonna be nice to have all new everything. New desk, new chairs. Fancy.
Anyway after work I talked to Russell again. I am going to let him (bc of his dad's meddling) file first, separately. Then I will file. But I swear they better take all of his refund. If he gets any money back I will flip my shit. I swear, I will. If there is any money left over, I should be the one to have it. I have put more money into this debt then him, I have put all the money. He has NOT paid one fucking penny. So yeah...
After Jon got home on Friday he kicked me off the comp and out of the computer room saying he had work to do. After awhile he told me it was a surprise for me. Yay. I <3 surprises...well, actually no, it drives me crazy BUT I do love gifts!! :) After he was done, he called me into the room and he got the new Sim City!! OMG and so that was basically my/our weekend.
Well I lied. We did watch Zero Dark Thrity Saturday night. And spent Sunday morning/afternoon together. I had a lot more planned for Sunday but after spending too long on 1 activity (heh, lol) we both we pretty much done w/ anything else. So we STILL didnt go grocery shopping. BUT he promised we would go today when he got off and we did already plan our menu and list for the week. We have to go. One its bad for our diet and two its bad for our budget.
We ended the weekend playing Sims together. It was his turn to play so I watched. And it was actually fun to watch him too. But not gonna lie, I cant wait to play when I get off.
Alright happy Monday peeps.

Friday, March 22, 2013

I Love Weekends

I finally got Russells W2. Well, sorta. I still have to wait on 1 more. The company changed names, so theres another one for 3 months. But I went ahead and entered in the one I had and it shows we are getting back more then w/ me by myself. So thats great. Now we may actual pay off the IRS. Yay!!
Before I left for work I got a call that the contractor would be coming and asked what time. I told her I'd be home by 3 so she said he'd be there around 3. Bc of that I didnt go to the grocery store, again. Blah. And of course he didn't show up until waaaaaaaaaaaaay after 3. He fixed the master shower and the front porch light. But he was unable to fix the hall sink (its copper, he doesnt work w/ copper), the sliding glass door(someone else), garage plug(someone else) and weather stripping (also someone else). The back porch light was never connected and the fence was just an fyi. He did put a new door bell button but there is no bell. I will have to make another work order once these are all done tho. The back bedroom light is broken, not just the bulb. I replaced the bulb and it still nada. And the spin thing on the roof is bent or something bc when it spins it makes a very loud clunking sound in our bathroom.
I am starting to get excited about our vaca coming up. Only 18 days left of work for me. Wahoo. But I am starting to think I am really gonna miss my pup while we are away. I have never been apart from him for that long :( I hope he likes my brother and that hes happy and doesn't miss me too much.
I ordered a new battery for my cell. Hopefully that resolves the issues I have been having w/ charging. I basically live my life next to a plug. I also ordered some fridge magnets. The word ones, of the adult varity. lol I cant wait. Our fridge is gonna be very NSFW.

Alright I have training this morning, 8:30 to Noon. But I dont think it will actually last that long...we will see.
Have a great Friday!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013


I love Jonathan.
I know you already know, and this post will be a mushy one, so feel free to just go ahead and skip this one.

Or not...
Do I look happy in this pic? I think I do. And its pretty obvious to me that yeah I am very happy. In the next month or so, hopefully, I will be filing for divorce. I think this will end up being a big thing for us. I bet it bothers Jon, even if just a little bit, that I am still married. I know it does for me. Its like I am not "his." Not like I am going anywhere or anything but still. I want to get this over with and be able to move forward w/ our relationship.

I can't believe we have been together for only 6 months. We have already been thru so much together. Its incredible.

With that said I feel like something has w/ us the past few days. I am not really sure what is going on but I wanted to take a minute and say a few things to Jon.

Dear Jonathan,
I know you. And I know you are letting work, stress plus the unknown w/ us being in the first month of our move in get to you. On top of that the whole thing w/ Danny and Donna is still fresh. Then we have a vacation to plan and save for. And I just wanna say I know. I feel it too. But I also know that we got this. No matter what it is. We have made an amazing team. You and me against the world, if it needs to be. But I dont think it needs to be like that. I think this is one very small bump in the road and then we will be up and running.
Just remember, you are my soulmate. I know it. There is no way that things could have just happened the way they did w/o someone being in control. In a city the size of Houston we needed divine intervention, lol. But no matter, we are together now and I love you. Forever. When I look at you I see someone so special. You are everything I want and need. I love that we can (and have many many many times) waste hours listening to music and singing our faces off to each other. I love that when you come home we talk to each other more then we watch tv or anything else. I love that you cant help but kiss me again, and then again, and then one more time, when you are trying to leave for work on Saturdays. I love how much we laugh....
I could go on and on and on. But its all to say I just love everything about you. And I want to love you for the rest of our lives. I want to love you thru the struggles, and bumps, and ups and downs, and moves, and changes, and life.


I may come back and do a full post but it has been kinda busy early today. I did wanna post this pic of me from this morning and say I can finally see some progress.
I dont really like this pic but it will do.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Its Hump Day

Finally. Internet day is here. Yippie!! I cant wait to get off work.

One of the first things I'm gonna do is file my taxes. I have been ready to file since I got my W-2, but I was hoping to get Russell's W-2 so I could file joint (if it was in my best interest). But after numerous phone calls and text, that mostly went ignored, I have given up. I called him yesterday one last time and when he didnt answer I left a message letting him know that:
  1. He obviously had no intentions in giving me his W-2.
  2. So, I am going to file my taxes,
  3. Cancel the Netflix acct that I have so very kindly paid $8.65 monthly for JUST FOR HIM, since Jon has an acct,
  4. Will be filing for divorce once the taxes are done,
  5. And not to bother calling or texting me EVER again, EVER!!!! (like Taylor Swift says Weeee-EEEE are never ever ever getting back together, asssssssssssssshole)
Fucking ass. I am so annoyed. I couldnt stand talking to him the little we talked anyway so good riddance. He is worthless to me.

Anyways! Had a good evening w/ my love. He brought home dinner, some wings(that we couldnt even finish-we've come so far, lol) and 2 new movies. Red Dawn and Zero Dark Thirty. We watched Red Dawn and cuddled on the couch. It was a good movie. I was really impressed.

Something or rather someone I am NOT impressed w/ is Hooman, our maintenance manager. They handled the water heater situation so well, they really set the bar high for themselves. But now we are about ready to go above him. Two Thursdays (3/7) ago I called w/ the list of issues after our walk thru. He asked me to email him Friday morning(3/8). Done. Last Tuesday (3/12) I called to check the status and he said "I said it would take 48 business hours." Which it had been, so I replied back with "It has been, emailed on Friday, its now Tuesday afternoon." So he said someone would be calling me. Friday comes (3/15) and I call again, just to check in and let him know I still haven't received a phone call. He seems surprised and says he will call a different contractor and I will get a phone call ASAP. Then he says call him as soon as someone calls so he will know, bc you know, hes so concerned...No one called. Sunday Jon calls him(3/17). Same thing. Seems so concerned. Someone will call him back THAT DAY!! Nope.
I understand that some of the issues will not be fixed, and some arent under time constraints, but I feel like in the time that has passed someone should have been out to address each issue by now. There are a few that do NEED to be taken care of ASAP. Jons shower head, he is basically showering w/ a water hose. I even went ahead and let him go buy the pieces to fix it himself but the pipe is completely f-ed up. The adaptor wont work. The front porch light, thats a safety concern as far as I see it.
IDK this needs to be resolved soon.
Lastly, Google Reader is going away. I am so sad. I dont know what to do. I read sooooo many blogs on my reader. Is there another thing like google reader?
Sigh...ok peeps. Happy Hump Day!! :)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Brrr...the a/c always kicks on at 6.

Alright. I'm back! I'm sure all my secret readers were holding their breath waiting for my return.
Speaking of readers, I get about 10-15 hits a day. I can account for like 3-4 maybe 5 of them, but who the heck are the rest of you?? And why in the world do y'all never comment?? EVER! So rude to be so nosey. lol
This weekend was so good. I have got the house completely set up and ready. The guest bedroom was still needing a box unpacked/put away and the bed set up. So thats done w/ the help of my sweet sweet bf. I also fixed the kitchen chairs that needed tightening. And cleaned, cleaned, cleaned. The first real cleaning since we moved in. Tile floors suck and really need to be sweeped once a day. I want one of those "dust mops" things. I think that will make daily pass throughs easier. IDK. I just know sweeping all the floors was a work out and I was sweaty and felt like I was gonna burst into flames.
While doing all that I was also cooking and preparing food for my mom and Pedro Saturday night and J's momma Sunday afternoon. I was definitely a busy person. But you know, I think I like that. Now, dont get me wrong, I enjoy being able to just relax sometimes but sitting and doing nothing just starts to make me sleepy. I hate that. Anyway, the guest all loved the house and the food. We all had a great time.

For some reason Jon has gotten himself all worked up over something, and I dont really know how to fix it. He's worried Bills? So much so that he even mentioned not taking our He doesnt have a reason to be so worked up. We budgeted this move, and we will handle anything that comes along. We aren't too tight or "house poor." Plus he has a raise/promotion coming in the coming weeks. Calm down :)

Mkay. Better get off here before the day really picks up.
1 more day till internet!!

Monday, March 18, 2013


I know I need to update from the weekend, but my eye is twitching and its driving me crazy. So I should be back tomorrow w/ my regularly scheduled post.

According to this website eye twitching, tics and spasms are common, well, none the less it still sucks.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Crazy Noises and Landscaping.

You ever do something and immediately afterwards you regret it?

I'm sure I'm not alone but yes, I had one of those moments yesterday. I made the mistake of eating an entire bag of yogurt covered raisins. First off, bad for my diet. Secondly, oh my gosh my freaking stomach hurt so bad. I ending up sleeping thru most the pain until Jon got home around 8*. By then I pretty much felt ok. My stomach was making some crazy noises and my body temp was up, trying to break all that down. lol Ok Lesson learned.

While I was sleeping the day away, our lawn guy came to the new place for the first time. Our front yard was looking pretty rough but our backyard was worse. The good thing about having a yard w/ landscaping is it can look so pretty. But the bad thing is when it gets left unmaintained it looks like a freaking jungle. I wish I would have taken before and after pics. He did a great job. He cleared out a lot of brush/weeds. Trimmed the bushes. And of course mowed the lawn. It looks great. I'm sure the neighbors will be happy.

I am so looking forward to this weekend. Having our mom's over to show off the new place. Nothing that has needed to be done, since I left off working on it this weekend, has been done. Which is driving me mad!! But I will take care of what I can today and tomorrow before my mom gets there. Would be nice if we had our cleaning stuff...bitches. Oh real quick speaking of the losers, they are living in an extended stay hotel bc they couldnt get in anywhere else. Ha!

*I guess I better get used to Jon coming home late, at least for the next few weeks. They are opening a 3rd shop. Which is just awesome for them. I am so happy for Jon, and Jamal too. But Jon will probably be very busy and consumed w/ everything regarding this new shop opening on the 1st of April. I am still worried that this is gonna interfere w/ our vaca but he has reassured me it wont.*

Have a great Friday!! :)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dirty, Dirty Boy ;)

First off a correction on yesterdays post we owed $2300 something. I am not sure where I pulled the $3000 number from. Oops. Well, its still a lot of freaking money. lol

This week at work has been pretty relaxed. After Monday each day has been pretty quiet bc of spring break. Plus we have no appts left hardly anyway. Most of the calls I take during my shift are for same day appointments, which any other time of year we have, but this week, NOPE. And I get such a kick out of telling people no. lol Does that make me a bad person? Its just that in customer service you always have to kiss so much ass and bend over backwards for them 99% of the time. This is a way that I can just stick it to them w/o losing my job.

After work yesterday I stopped by Jons shop and he was just fixing to go on a parts run so I tagged along. After about half the trip I took the radio remote and put on some music I knew he wouldnt be too fond of and sang and did some super awesome car dancing. Nothing too intense, just a little taste, lol. He is now concerned w/ the road trip to Tennessee. He threatened to drug me for the ride. But it was nice to spend some time together yesterday afternoon.
After that I went and paid the $'s for the old place, and by the time I got home it was nearly 6pm, we had a date night planned so I took a bath and got ready. Unfortunately he had to work late :( he wasnt home till almost 8. We still went to dinner, just at our place close by. After dinner we came home and went to bed.
Now...I have had about 4 hours of sleep, which is no where near enough. And I dont wanna kiss and tell, lol just kidding of course I do. Lemme just say last night was freaking awesome. I tried so hard to fight him off bc it was late and a work night but yeaaaaaah that didnt work out too well. Remember sexual compatibility should be a requirement in relationships. If you are a sex maniac you NEED to be w/ another sex maniac. Ya damn freaks, lol :)

I feel different today for some reason...and tired. Different and tired.
Bye bye.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Busy Weekend Ahead

I need to take pics of the house now that everything is all set up. I still need to buy wall decor but thats gonna take some time and money. Jon has a few older paintings from his grandma that I do like and will use a few of them. The only issue is the frames are kinda...older, lol. We want to get one of those Texas star things for over the fireplace. And a few other ideas, like the cross wall.

Yesterday we got terrible news. Even tho Jon did the right thing when we were preparing for the move, by calling the previous homes management company and getting all the info (lease end date, last month free, etc), he got a phone call from them saying rent was past due. Not only that but the lease didnt end April 2, it was thru the month of April so we owe March and April, plus now the late fees for March. So...just $3000+ you know, nothing major.


Holy hell. We just moved in to the new place. We dont have that. And of course Dipshit and Dumbass are gonna help. They are so ridiculous that they actually hid Jon's firewood in Bri's closest. God, they are just plain trash. But yeah, so anyway, Jon's mom offered to take care of it for now, and of course he (and me) will pay her back.

I am trying to plan what to make this weekend when we have company. Saturday my mom and Pedro are coming and Sunday his momma is coming. I dont know what to make. And of course I am more concerned w/ what to make for his momma. Kinda thinking about a brunch...hmm...

Alright. Time to get back to work.
Happy Hump Day, folks :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Boo. I Forgot my Breakfast.

Boo. I overslept. I hate that. I hit the snooze button too many times plus slept thru the alarm. I woke up at 4:32 and was out the door in 10 mins. But at the same time its nice to have the extra sleep, lol. Knowing that we have a vacation coming makes it hard to get up. I'm looking forward to a week of sleeping in past 4am.

I know Jonathan is probably gonna disagree, but I want a treadmill. I was planning on joining the Y w/ my mom (she already goes) but we wouldnt be able to match our schedules. I would want to work out as soon as I got off of work. IDK, maybe I can find something cheap.

I am going crazy w/o the internet at home. Comcast are being turds. They dont recognize our home, apparently in the 30+ years its been there, no one has ever had comcast or any form of comcast, xfinity, time warner, etc. I just have a had time believing that. There was a comcast truck parked out by the old house (which is literally in the same neighborhood) and I almost wanted to stop him and be like go look at my house and see that it exist and give me service. I want INTERNET. I am so behind on my youtube video subscriptions and I can't really do tumblr from my phone bc my service sucks. Boo.

Yeah...I am whiny today.
I'm done with today already.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Extreme Couponing

Man the weekend is already gone. What the hell!
But I did get a whole lot done Saturday. I got up w/ Jon and headed over to a stockpile sale. These ladies who do extreme couponing end up w/ over a houseful of crap so they sell it for really cheap. I got some good stuff and only spent $27.50.
After I finished that I came home and good thing I had bought the sweeper. Chance found a box of trash and ripped it open. And in that box was a ziploc w/ cornstarch. Damn dog. So, yeah, cleaned that. Then pretty much spent the rest of the day cleaning, unpacking, and organizing. The office is done (minus Jons box). The guest bedroom needs the bed on the frame and sheets and stuff on. Master bedroom and bath is almost done. Hall bath just needs the towels. When Jon got home, we picked up dinner and stopped by the liquor store and had an adult beverage before passing out on the couch.

Sunday I made a yummy brunch and then we ran some errands. We found out that the assholes stole everything from the old house that we had left. I knew it, I knew we couldn't even leave the few things we left there. I hate them so much. But anyways...we went to the grocery store and Dollar General where we finally got our trash can. We tried to sit and watch some tv but ended up napping for a few. I woke up and started working on the bedroom again until J woke up and had dinner. After dinner we were gonna play a game but realized how late it was so we just made lunches and then went to bed.

We have invited Barbara, Jon's Momma, to come over Sunday for dinner. Also will ask my mom and Pedro over for Saturday, maybe, if they are feeling better. My mom thinks she has the flu. Eww. So either way we need to finish up the house by Saturday. I will have as much done as possible during the days after work.

Well, its really quiet but I'm done for today.
Have a great Monday! :)

Friday, March 8, 2013

I Need a Blender, Yes Need.

Yippie its Friday! I am so looking forward to spending the whole weekend relaxing in the house. Well, mostly relaxing. We do need to finish up unpacking whats gonna be unpacked and getting all the boxes up or out. The guest bedroom needs to be set up and the office. Plus once everything is all unpacked and such I can start decorating. Wahoo. lol
Last night we did our walk thru paper work and started our list of things that need repair. And I called to put in the work order and was expecting an answering service or machine and I got Hooman. Hes the management rep guy and I have really been impressed w/ this company so far.
AHHHHH! I missed a sale!!! My life is over!! I need polo shirts for work, since we are going to a uniform. Well the other day I was just looking around different plus size websites and saw Lane Bryant had this awesome sale. I could get six panties and 3 polo's for $60 something dollars. I didnt order it right away, I wanted to talk to Jon first. Well, I remembered last night and went to order this morning. The sale was for one day only. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Boo. Damn it.
Kelli called me last night. She just wanted to talk and tell me she was 20 days sober. Going for her 30 day chip. She hasnt ever gotten that far before. I have a hard time w/ her bc I want to embrace her and reconnect w/ her and our friendship. But I am tired of being burned by her. Ugh. Idk. Everyone else (ie cousins) have "taken her back." Hmmm...
A new thing has happened since I have started losing weight. Or I should say something old is coming back. I freaking love to shop!! I have gone grocery shopping 2 days in a row and not even flinched at having to go. Oh shopping, how I have missed you. Sorry Jon :) Love you!!

Ok better wrap it up before it gets busy. TGIF.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Yes. I did have gas. And one of the first things I did yesterday was a take a bath. This tub...oh...its not even just a standard jacuzzi or garden tub. Its freaking huge. I can sit comfortably like the wrong way in the tub...I dont know how to explain it. Ok this is the tub l_______l normally you lay/sit long ways. I can sit short ways and have room. IDK the point is this thing is huge and I am the happiest woman ever. So I laid in there and relaxed for who knows how long. Had some music on and just enjoyed the warm water.
After my bath I made dinner for the first time in our new house. I made homemade sweet and sour chicken. It was a long process but it was so good. We sat down and ate at the table w/ the TV off. Well...we had music on. It was a nice night.

Man. I am sleepy. I didnt get a nap yesterday. Boo. This sucks. I'm dozing off already...

Have a good day.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I Got Gas. Hopefully.

Nothing is really going on currently. We are just enjoying our new place. Cable came out yesterday. Gas comes today finally. I wanna take a bath, a hot bath, so bad. Yeah I took a cold one on Monday. Just enough to get clean. And the last thing we are waiting on is internet but they are being lame. Cant remember if I said this already or not but we have to wait 3-5 days and then they will call us, bc they dont recognize our house. Stupid.

My job is going to a uniform again. Or its gonna try, bc these dumb hoochie mama's that work here get confused on whats appropriate for work and the club. Khakis or slacks w/ collared polo shirts. Sigh. I had wearing collared shirts. The only reason I am not really upset is bc I can get my own shirts. We arent required to order thru the company like last time, that was a disaster.

OK well I just wanted to update since I missed yesterday.
Happy Hump Day! :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

The Big Move

Phew, what a long productive weekend.

Early in the week I had the foresight to see one of us should be off Friday, me since he cant just take a day off, and Friday was spent running around. We got the lease late Thursday night and so Friday I went up to Jons work where he printed it out. We (he) read it over and got all the deposits, signed everything and then I met our rep, the rep for the houses management comp and turned everything. Finally we have the KEYS!!! Yay!!! I am not gonna lie I literally sat in that empty place forever just feeling like this is it. This is what we have been waiting for basically since Jon and I realized we wanted to be together.
After sitting there, letting Chance sniff every square inch, I went to buy a washer and dryer. Stopped at this little used appliance type place. The guy there was a doucher and we went back and forth a few times over prices and machines. Finally we agree on 2 mix-match machines for $400 plus delivery/setup. He rings me up and quotes the total w/ tax as $270...I said What?! and he repeated himself w/ attitude. Hmm ok, fine $270 it is. So that was awesome.
Saturday morning I finish up packing, pick up my brothers, the uhaul and they pack up everything then head to the new place and they completely unloaded everything.
There was one pretty serious issue. We had the water turned on Friday. Well Saturday when we pulled up there was water pouring down the driveway, open the garage and the water heater is leaking. But we did get an emergency plumber to come out and he installed a brand new water heater. Wahoo.
We have even had our first guest. Jacob and Mikey, Jons friend and little boy, came over to see the place and hang for awhile. After they left, we did a little more unpacking, played a game of Life (Jon beat me) and watched some Big Bang before heading to bed for the night.

We are both so happy. It feels so great. Cant wait to get off so I can go home again, lol.
Have a great Monday everybody! :)