Seriously? You have GOT to be kidding me!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tummy Ache

Oh goodness the a/c is freezing in here right now. I am so cold.
Nothing to exciting to talk about. I have an interview for a call center job that is work from home. Thats pretty neat. I am trying to convince Jon that the pay cut will balance out w/ not commutting, daily coffee, drinks, etc. But I am going to get it all down on paper and see how it looks.
Man I wasn't feeling good last night. Stupid Taco Bell.

Well...I waited to long to type this up, so I need to get to work

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Taco Tuesday

I am not sure how much longer I will have access to blogger at work. When I logged in yesterday I almost couldnt create a new entry bc I can not click on this box where you compose a new post. Luckily I can click in the title box and tab my way over here. If I can't blog at work I dont know how good I'll be about doing it from home.

Last night start off pretty good. I went home and started Week 4. This time I think I got it down as far as reading everything and not jumping from spot to spot. I submitted both discussion topics and now I just have my chapter reading and 2 assignments due later in the month. We have started our project. I have to do a slideshow presentation on a Leader in my industry. Blah.

Jon came home and we got dinner, then he wanted to watch Harry Potter. I refuse to watch any of those so while he was doing that I tried to catch up on some youtube subscriptions. He got a call from a employees son that his dad, Johnny, Jon's service writer at the West Rd shop, was being taken to the ER. Then Barbara called and Danny is being an asshat again.

When J came to bed, he signed and I knew everything was getting to him. It sometimes sucks to be the strong one. The one everyone relies on. He needs to figure out what he can and can't handle and set boundries. We love his momma, and I KNOW he would never not be there for her, but we also know that she keeps flip flopping on the Danny thing and in the mean time pulling Jon back and forth w/ her too. So I told Jon just be there for her verbally and dont worry about actually trying to follow thru (like repo-ing Danny's truck) and putting more on his plate. We know that 5 days later she will take Danny back and change her mind. Just tell her yes and move along.

Oh and one last thing. I really hate roommates. Next time we think about doing this, someone stop us. (Not Ryland) Johnny sent a text to Jon that hes moving out, which we knew, that was the plan, but he said he's paying 1/2 of rent next week and the rest later. UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
MMMMMMMMMM. How exactly do you think we planned on paying rent! Jerk.

Alrighty well I better get off here. Have a great day.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Happy 11th Month Anniversary to my better half.
I hope we always laugh like we do now.
You are the best.
I love you.

Blogger Issues

Friday morning I recieved an email that has messed everything up. I don't really wanna talk too much about it other then to say Jon and I have had to make a big decision. We still haven't decided. We need to continue to pray about it and hopefully He will give us the answer we need.

Saturday was my sleep study. I was so nervous going into it. And it was def weird. Its so akward to sleep w/ 50 wires all over you, in a new location, a different bed and being monitered. But I managed. Thank goodness. I can't wait for my f/u with my sleep doc to get my results.

Sunday was a super lazy day and we slept off and on until early afternoon.

My blogger is having issues today for some reason so I better wrap this up before I lose it.

Close up of all the face stuff

My control panel

All the hook ups minus my legs

Friday, July 26, 2013

Picky Picky

First I wanna say I have heartburn and the only reason I have it is bc my body hates me and knows my Rx hasn't been refilled yet. Well, I hate you right back.
2ndly I am having my sleep study redo on Saturday and I am scared.
And lastly I am not trying to be petty but you know this really grinds my gears. At my job we have a monthly bday celebration. I have been here 3 years. The 1st 2 years my dept didn't celebrate. Last year in AUGUST!!!!!(the month after my bday, but whatev's) we started celebrating bdays. Ok great. Go every month, I participate. We decorate the desk, have a potluck, give a card. Yay. NOW, heres my issue, today is 7/26. We have yet to have the bday celey. There are only 3 business days left in July and I haven't heard crap....I swear to everything if there is nothing done this year I will stop participating. Its a bunch of CRAP!! lol ugh

Ok was that a good enough blog entry??

Thursday, July 25, 2013

You Love Me

Roooooooooooooad Trip!
Last night Jon and I drove out to Tomball w/ his boss to buy a truck. Man I really like it out there. Its country but not too far from the city. Not bad at all. We could both see ourselves living out there. I kinda waited to long to blog and now its getting busy...
See ya!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gosh Darn it Beaver Dam

OMG I am so mad at myself. Not entirely sure how it happened but I over looked 2 assignments for Week 2. Monday morning when I realized I sent an email to my prof asking for 1 additional day. Being that late work is not accepted BUT being in the 1st 2 weeks I knew she would probably grant my request. Apparently I was not the only one to miss these and she allowed us all until midnight. Great awesome. Went home did the assignments. Yay.
Fastforward to last night, working on an assignment that started last week but isnt due till this week and I am confused. So I am clicking around and I realize I didnt miss 2 assignments I missed 3 (only 2 were graded so when she sent the passwords to reopen she only sent 2). OMG.
Great so now I have a zero. I have to basically get 100's on everything else to keep my grade up in this class. Ugh, so mad.

Thats all for today.
Stupid mumble mumble mumble...

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Better Late than Never

Ok SO weekend post a day late.
Friday was Ladies Night w/ my fam, so after work I went straight to Clear Lake even tho the party wasnt till 6 I wasnt gonna go home. If I would have, I'd never make it back out. I went to my gpa's and slept, or at least tried to nap. As soon as I dozed off my gpa called to make sure I had made it. He had left the house open for me. Fell asleep again and then Jon called to torture check on me. I finally gave up and headed to hank out with Krystal a little before the party.
The get together was good. Yummy food. Good company. We watched Admission. Very strange movie. Not bad, just weird. I didnt mind it but my aunt kept commenting on how odd it was. Meh.

Saturday I cleaned and tried to get the cat the use the box. After several extremely unsuccessful attempts (him attacking my hands/peeing in the house AGAIN) I texted Jon to say that I just cant take it anymore. Barbara agreed to take him back, so we drove Kitty out there after Jon got off and had dinner. We couldn't go back to her house bc of Danny. Jon will NOT be around Danny. And I dont blame him. After all the crap he has pulled w/ their mom lately. It makes me so angry. But Jon and I took the long way home and he showed me around that side of town more.
Once we got home, we hooked up the Wii and played a few games together. Jon ended up loving the Wii. Which makes me happy bc now we can play together.

Sunday we went to lunch at Fuddruckers, yummy! Then stopped at Gamestop to get some accessories for the Wii, like a controller. It only came with one and we wanted to play together. Got some groceries and stopped and got some yummy watermelon. After we got home we finished cleaning and then played Wii.

I love weekends like these. Busy but not jam packed with stuff. Makes me feel productive. I also dont like to be a lazy bum, unless its with Jon and we can stay in bed all day.

Alright. Have a good Tuesday.

Monday, July 22, 2013


I had a really good weekend but I have to write my brother. Its been too long.

If I have enough time I will come back. Otehrwise tomorrows post will be about the weekend.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Wii Poop

Riley is out of the hospital. They think it was an infection, which led to a fever, which led to one of those fever seizures. They kept her over night and she wasnt really responding to anyone, playing, eating or drinking. But they doubt she will ever even experience this again. So glad she is ok.

I am so sick and tired of Johnny living w/ us. He has his puppy w/ him and between Chance, the puppy and the kitty I am going to lose my mind. The puppy and kitty pee and poop everywhere. I think its confusing Chance bc now he's having accidents. OMG! But not just all the animals, I miss having just me and Jon there. He is supposed to be leaving at the end of the month tho. I'm googling tips on how to help him use the box. Everything will be so much better if he learns to use that DAMN BOX!!

Tonight is ladies night. Movies, snacks and socializing w/ my family. I love it. Can't wait.

I wanna hook up my wii soon.

Hmmm well have a good weekend!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Night night.

Welp, my bday is over, whomp whomp. So sad. But it was a good day. My co-workers suck but thats ok. Jon took me to dinner. We had a good night.

But I am kinda worried. After dinner last night I saw on facebook that Riley, my niece, was being taken to urgent care bc she was acting weird. The doctors at Urgent Care thinks that she "might have" had a seizure. She was acting like a zombie until she vomited 2 times in the car. Then cried 2 hours straight, inconsolable, even with Benadryl given to her by the doctors. They went to the hospital to have bloodwork done. Please pray for her and her little family. I'm sure Erin and Ronnie are so worried. I know I am.

Mkay. I am sleepy and ready to go home. What?? Too soon?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Happy Birthday to ME!!

Its my favorite day. And I decided to work. Everyone better be nice to me. OOOoooh and on the way to work this morning I got one of the best karma bday presents ever. A car sped past me, and a few mins later I saw a cop bust a U to pull him over. Hahahaha.

I dont know what we are doing today. I asked Jon if we were going out to eat and he said nope. Hmm I dont know if I believe him or not. School is going well.

Annnd now its getting too busy to keep blogging.
Sorry for the lack of quality post lately but it means my life is going smoothly.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Boo. Yay.

Lots and lots of rain the past 2 days. And now bc of it, I was late. The power was out this morning. Boo.

So yeah no time for sorry.


My birthday is tomorrow.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Fun Weekend

Friday I got off work early which was needed bc I had a ton of stuff to get ready for the party. I took Chance to the groomers. I found him a new one. Its maybe a little closer, but its easier to get to, and it def cheaper. Poodle grooming can be expensive. After that I went grocery shopping for the party. Decided to make my own fruit and veggie trays, so bought a ton of stuff to chop up, burgers and hotdogs, chips and drinks.
Saturday I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. I finished just in enough time to take a short break with Jon before I sent him off on his errands and then get myself ready.
The party was a success. Jon and I both had a great time. And so did everyone who came out. I was as happy as could be, in my home, filled w/ the people I love, gathered for a celebration. So fun.
Sunday Jon and I were pretty wiped out. We ended up just lounging around all day. I realized as we were going to bed, I stayed in my pjs all day. lol Oh well.

And here are pics:

Friday, July 12, 2013

Bad Dreams

Bullet point post today. Didn't sleep well. Brain not functioning.
  • I had a bad dream. I hate that. It was a car accident dream. No, just no.
  • Tomorrow is the party. Yay!! 
  • I need to make a list of everything we need. I plan on stopping by the grocery store today after work to get everything. 
  • Jon has been coming home stressed out everyday and I hate it.
I feel like a lame-o but I am just not feeling the blogging again. I am so tired today. I'm glad its Friday but its gonna be a busy day today and tomorrow.
Have a good weekend.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lazy Day

Honestly, I just dont wanna blog today. At least right now. Maybe I'll come back later.
Have a good day y'all.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Poo Sweats

Random, but annoying, there is a lady who I work with that tries to talk to me first thing every morning. Her shift is almost over and so she is trying to stay awake/pass the time. I get it, but this is when I blog. Shhhh lady, stop talking to me. lol
Jon wasn't feeling well yesterday. We aren't too sure what was/is wrong tho. He feel lightheaded, flustered and lethargic. He hadn't eaten so I thought it was that but when he ate he didn't feel any better (or any worse). He is keeping food down, no stomach issues. Sweating a lot tho. I hope hes feeling better today.
The new kitty hasn't figured out the litter box yet :( That sucks. So I REALLY need to get some carpet cleaner stuff. Man cats have the stinkiest poo ever. We tried several times to stick him in the box but he hates it.
Oh man my bday is getting close. And the party is this weekend. I cant wait!! I hope it goes well. And everyone has a good time.
Nothing else to report that I can think of.
Happy Hump Day!
Rhi :)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


The first day of school went well. There is going to be a lot of chapter reading and I need to figure out the best way to get this done. Since everything is online, even the books are digital too. So sitting in the office staring at the computer I get sleepy and its boring. I wonder if I can access my books on Kindle? Hmmm? Maybe if I nap as soon as I get home and then do work, instead of vice versa. IDK, I'm sure I'll figure it out tho.
I feel like I am falling apart currently. My carpal tunnel is back and really bad. My eczema has flared up on my arms, I keep stubbing my DAMN TOE!!! I got this weird bum on my finger. And my old shoulder injury is giving me some pain, off and on. What the crap?!? I am not old enough for this, lol.
I am slightly annoyed at clothing companies. Recently I have bought 2 of the same shirts, just in different colors and have had them fit differently. And this happened at 2 different stores w/ 2 different shirts. Lame.

All right, short but I am done for today.
Happy Tuesday.
PS Only 8 days till my bday!

Monday, July 8, 2013

What a Weekend.

I need to make this fast. We will def be busy today.

I had such a good weekend. After work Friday I had my new student orientation, which got me all kinds of nervous. I hope this goes smoothly. Then after Jon got off we went to his friends house. And I got to meet Jacobs wife, Suzanna. We all had a really great time. I am so glad. I cant wait till we hang out again.

Saturday I finally had a chance to go to another Stockpile Sale. We are out of everything. I still wasnt able to  get everything, they didn't have everything out. After that was my bff/cousin Krystals bday party. It was so much fun. She had it at my gparents house. We swam and had yummy foods. Got some sun and good bff time.

Sunday was Jon's bday. His momma came over and brought our lil kitty. We are keeping him now. Chance hasnt figured out how to act yet and the kitty is too scared to fight back. Hopefully they get adjusted soon. We went to lunch at Goode BBQ and had some yummy ice cream and an adorable tiny cake.

Just an awesome weekend and now I'm back to work and today is the first day of class!

Pics from this weekend.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Let Freedom Ring!

Happy Freedom Day!! :)
Yesterday was a really awesome day. Jon and I went to the Annual Citizens Appreciation/Independence Celebration at the League City Park. Free hotdogs, soda, water and other goodies. Plus live music and fun times w/ the family. After sweating our buns off long enough we went to my gmas and went swimming. Krystal, Matt, and Lil Everett came too. After a nice refreshing swim, we went home and got there just in time. The sky opened up and poured while Jon and I relaxed in bed listening to the rain. Dinner in, and we both passed out on the couch. 

Too bad we both have to work today. I also have new student orientation today at 2, not sure how thats gonna work, since I get off at 2. lol
Tomorrow is another stockpile sale, which is must needed. I am out of cleaning supplies, and some toiletry items too. I need to make a list. Then at noon is Krystals bday party. So I have to drive back to Clear Lake. But thats gonna be fun. More time w/ my family.
And then class starts Monday. I cant believe I am going back to school. It all happened so fast. I also cant believe how quick and easy it is to get school loans. With the $$ left over from this semester I am gonna get a new laptop, that way I wont be trapped in the office all the time. And maybe any other stuff I need.

Alright. Friday. This was a short easy week. Hopefully today wont try and make up for it.
Have a good weekend y'all!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Loooong Weekend.

First I wanna start by saying sorry to Jonathan. I know he will read this first thing this morning and I apologize for what I said last night. It was a joke and not at all meant to be taken seriously. You know that. But still, foot in my mouth moment. Sorry love.

So besides that have y'all miss me?? Huh? Have ya! Well I miss some work bc I was just too dizzy. It was vertigo caused by a viral inner ear infection. I dont have much to say about my time away. I pretty much hung out in my bedroom bc its a smaller room. lol Which equals less spinning. It had pretty much stopped yesterday but then last night it started back up. Unfortunately I cant keep missing work. So I'm back. For 1 day. Then I'm off for the 4th and back for the 5th then its the weekend.

Saturday is Krystals party. Whoop whop wop. I am so excited. And the weekend after is our party. Altho I am feeling very conflicted over this. We have had 3 people RSVP as yes. And 3 said maybe. We cant even get Jons bff to confirm....really? Do I need to change the time? Make it another day? Or just leave it be and have an awesome party with the ones who matter. Boo. Lame.

Well, short and sweet today. I have a bunch of stuff to catch up on.
Happy Hump DAY!!