Seriously? You have GOT to be kidding me!

Friday, March 30, 2012


So I made the choice to move to my gparents house in between apts so I could pay some debts and such, which was a smart and responsible thing to do. But living in my gparents house has some negatives.
  1.  Kelli. Got in a huge fight with her last night. (Quickly for those who dont know, Kelli is a drug addict cousin of mine. Was my bff like 5 years ago but I couldnt put up w/ the drama she surrounds herself with so had to let her go. She has a 5 yr old, Melodi, that she doesnt have and a baby she put up for adoption.) And now shes pregnant. You know, I am not like dying to have babies or anything, more like I would just like it to happen. If God wants me to be a mommy I would love it. But its frustrating to see people like her be given the blessing to pop 'em out like its not a life. Anyway, yes big blow out fight.
  2. I AM SO BORED. My gma pretty much has the monopoly on the tv in the living room until 11. So on my days off all I can do, IF my gpa isnt using the computer, is surf the web. I need my laptop. OMG. Then I can keep myself entertained.
  3. I miss Chance. I really wanna keep my pupster w/ me. It was so hard to go to bed w/o him last night.
I thought I had more but I dont remember. lol Lost my train of thought.

Easter is coming. I wonder if I got the day off. I forgot to request off and so I am not sure if I made my request soon enough. It would be nice...

Oh yeah the title of this blog. The reason I am bringing this up is I am kinda stressed w/ the due dates for everything. No I dont have to pay rent. But I have everything pressing to be paid at the 1st of the month. And I am worried about making it. I dont wanna be behind or I'll never get into an apt. I need to pay off a few things so then it wont be so bad.

Lets see:
*Car Ins $100/monthly
*Title Loan(mom) $275/monthly(finance only) OR $1000 payoff
*Car $350/monthly
*Cell $272 1st month $200/monthly (minus Ronnies 1/2)
Laptop $150 1 time
Warrant $262 1 time

So my checks are about $1000, tell me what to do :) If I pay everything w/ the * I have $3 left, lol. Except, I would have cash from my brother and Russ...


  1. SORRY About Kelli... yup frustrating..

    1000 a week is not bad! now every 1st and 15th can be more challenging, pay off the one times asap... that cell seems a bit high?


    1. Hey new daddy!! :)

      $1000 every 2 weeks so this month is the 5th and the 19th. And the cell is for 2 people w/ unlimited text and web. I actually switched plans and am saving about $50 a month.