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Monday, April 9, 2012

Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5

Dang it. Been away too long. I dont even know what was missed to update here. Lemme try and do a bullet point list to catch up.
  • I did restart my dating profile. I HATE DATING. Or I should say I have a love hate affair w/ it. I love boys and boy related activities. BUT I really I am a one man woman. I want to give all of me, all my love, all my...everything to one person. And one person who deserves it. But so many people (yes men and women) want casual, "let just see what happens", etc. Thats bs. I think if you are attracted to that person and WANT a relationship you should date, not be all like friends first crap. Bc what that means is "I dont to commit to you incase someone better comes along or I wanna sleep w/ someone else." But what ever I'll play the damn games.
  • I was super sick Friday and Saturday. Not sure if it was a virus or my dinner the night before. But omg my stomach hurt so bad. So I ended up being away from work for 6 days. My reg 3 days off, sick for 2 and I took Sunday off for Easter.
  • Easter. YAY. I love my family. So glad I got off. We had brisket and ribs. Went swimming. I got my summer tan started. Yes I am a redhead who tans. Sexy I know. lol ;) I got a basket from Kelli and I made her one too.
  • Oh back to the dating thing. I have had a few messages on there. I am hesitant tho. can interview them all and then make some cuts. Do a 2nd interview w/ Krystal. And then a conference call w/ Marc, Krystal and my mom, or maybe my gpa, and then like give me a pick from the top 3. lol Yes?
  • I got a letter from Ryland. I can write him on the internet now using Its so convenient, I love it. And I just found out I can access the site from work. WAHOO!
OK I guess thats good for now. I am almost done for the night.

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