Seriously? You have GOT to be kidding me!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Nothing Exciting

Last Nights Sleep Info
Hours 7
AHI .5
Mask Fit :(

Lets see, anything exciting happen since my last entry, hmmm, nope. Oh I washed all the bed stuff including the comforter. Its smells yummy now. I enjoyed snuggling up in my blanket last night, lol. Oh this morning as I was grabbing the stuff to make Jon breakfast and lunch I some how managed to knock the pitcher of ice tea out. It bounced as it hit and shot the lid off and got tea all over that side of the kitchen. Luckily it wasn't sweet it else it would have been sticky.
The one thing I have noticed about having a poor sleep schedule is it really makes dieting hard. Staying up late makes me wanna snack. So glad I got my pressure changed bc I am sleeping much better.

Meh, I dont really have much to say today and I have been sitting here staring at this screen for like 2 hours.

Peace out :)

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