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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Gold iPhone 5s Maybe

My follow up on Monday didn't go like I expected. He did not clear me for work. Altho I am getting better with my disturbances, I am not sleeping/using the machine long enough. But he did agree to lower my pressure a few notches and another 4 weeks off until my next follow up. He also is adding an oxygen concentrator that he thinks will help.

Good news is I lost 14 lbs. So excited. My banana shorts fit now, lol. I bought these cute banana print pj shorts a week or 2 before I left work but they were way to tight. Now they fit nicely. Yay me. I feel really great. My stamina is def getting better. I am looking forward to having a better life. Like going to the Ren Fest this year w/ my bff and Jon. And a million other things that Jon and I wanna do. See these shorts? Aren't they awesome!!
I love my banana shorts.

I am eligible for an upgrade w/ Sprint now and I am wanting the iPhone 5s Gold so bad. But damn the not working thing. Its $199. Boo. And its not shipping for 8 weeks. I am kinda conflicted tho. I've never had an iphone and it feels dirty and wrong. Its just so tempting. I didnt see any other phone that I want really.

Mkay, I think thats all.
Peace out :)

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