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Saturday, April 28, 2012

If You Dont Know Me By Now - Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes

OK I have decided that I have to post before I read my google reader otherwise I wont ever post. I just cant keep it at zero. Oh well. I love all the blogs I read and I have pretty much already cleaned it up and deleted feeds that I dont care for anymore.

So the date guy flaked out on me. I did talk to him, I think, last Saturday and asked him what was up. Apparently since he is almost fixing to graduate w/ work and everything he is just super busy. Hmpft. Well I let him know there is only only thing that drives me INSANE. LACK OF COMMUNICATION. We chatted for awhile and now hes MIA again. So I have moved on.

I joined and thats been interesting. I had a few connections. Brad and Chris are the 2 who seem...nice. Chris is on the almost too young for me side. But he is more established then more men his age and he seems more emotional then egotistical like most younger men. Brad and I havent talked at all outside of match yet. Just 3 emails so far. But I like the potential he has. Either way I am not holding my breath and I am NOT backing down as far as dating and being respected, etc. I am done w/ that.

I have come to realize that I am way too nice. These past 2 days have shown me that. I had cash stolen outta my wallet by someone. My wallet in my purse in my house!! Hmmm I wonder who did that?? Then I needed to get some $$ from Russell, he has asked me multiple times to borrow money and I will rearrange my budget to help him and when I asked him he actually said to me "I cant pay your bills and mine too." Uh...oh ok. Well just remember those words the next time you need my help and I hope you choke on them. I am sick and tired of it. Nice Rhianna is not gone but you gotta deserve nice Rhianna. Dont like it? Well then you probably dont deserve nice Rhianna anyway.
PS Funny story, the hotel I stay at in Temple has a jacuzzi tub. And this time I used the little mini shampoo for bubbles. Yeah hey, dont use a mini shampoo as bubbles in a jacuzzi tub, there were bubbles every where. Oops :)

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