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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Stupid Tire

What a week. Saturday I was told I had a flat. So I called my mom and she brought me fix a flat. But my tire was fine. I mean it had been low-ish but it was fine. So Sunday on the way to work I stopped to put air in it. Sunday at my lunch break I go out there and now its flat, jerks. So annoying. I call my brother Ronnie and he came and changed it once he got off work.
Monday work as usual. Tues was swimming w/ my BFF. Weds I was supposed to have a date. Yeah...that didnt work out. He stood me up. Jerk. Thurs I did nada, I was supposed to get a new tire but I completely forgot.
Last night I was driving home and as soon as I was getting on the freeway I could tell my car felt weird. Then it started wobbling. I knew what was coming next so I slowed down to 50 put on my hazards and drove as far as I could. Got off 610 and was just a few miles down 45 when the awesome sound and feeling of a blown tire finally happened. Stupid SafeClear towed me off the freeway to Denny's for $50 RIP OFF!!! My dad picked me up and this morning he got a new tire, we drove back to Dennys and he put it on.
Theres my catch up.

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