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Monday, August 27, 2012

Its Raining Men

I dont know what the CRAP is happening but as of 30 mins ago I now have a date for everyday I'm off.

A few weeks ago I did some clean up on my okcupid profile and I've had some more hits and messages. But none that had caught my eye. This past weekend I started chatting w/ 2. Tonight I was messaged by a 3rd. I am not interesting in DATING. But I am also not going to chose one and focus solely on him while ignoring the others. I've decided that my method will be if they message me I check out their profile before I respond. After responding we can see if we have a flow as far as conversation. Verify that they are not looking for anything casual. Once a date has been offered agree to 1 date.

So 1 date for Matthew, Johnathan and Jared.

Matthew is 33, works in an office, lives on the NW side. He has 2 kids, same woman. But not divorced...never married, I believe. I'll need to check on that...He was specifically interested in bbw/ssbbw's. Hes tall and average size. Cute smile. He is coming to this side of town and we are going to have dinner and...he mentioned maybe go to the park. We'll see.

Johnathan is 28, a manager for 2 autoshops, lives in Katy. Is buying a house, drives a truck, and likes to fish. His brother lives w/ him (but is engaged? are they gonna stay there??). He thinks he might wanna go back to school. Maybe he wants a 2nd car thats more economical. lol Trucks not so gas friendly. Listens to country and likes to camp. Hes tall and seems like he might be a bigger guy. We are going to dinner Wednesday night. We havent decided where. He offered to meet 1/2 or come closer to me.

Jared is 34, an insurance agent, lives in the Galleria area. We just started talking tonight so I dont know much yet. He had said that he would like to meet in person, but was honest about being broke till payday, lol. I offered after we talked for awhile for a swim and he agreed. Sounds fun. So Thursday we swim. Lets see how tomorrow goes on if we keep talking.

After the dates I'll see how I feel and go from there. I am not going to casually date. I am looking for a boyfriend. Maybe 3 is my lucky number, maybe it will be one of them, lol. But I am not holding my breath. For all I know they could all flake out one at a time.

Interesting few days lie ahead.

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