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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Kevin from the Woodlands

So I keep up w/ all my hits and views and viewers. I wanna know how y'all get here, what you do, etc. I'm nosey. IDK. Well I check it every week or so. And about 2 weeks ago I saw this. (I censored out the actual email address) But that keyword search was for a specific email address of Kevin. Kevin the dead guy. Kevin the guy who lied and lied and lied some more. Made promises to me. And then dies in a horrible car accident. But I didnt know about the lies. And the accident was a lie. I didnt find that out until I was 1 week into trying to mourn over a man who I LOVED who's mother was IM-ing me that it was all a lie. He was alive. And it wasnt his mother. It was him. And then some more lies. Until finally after only 4 months he admitted the truth. He wasnt a divorced secret millionaire w/ an autistic son whom he had custody of w/ no cell phone and a new job in Dallas who want me to QUIT MY JOB AND MOVE TO DALLAS TOO, nope he is a married man w/ 3 kids and a housewife and barely making it paycheck to paycheck.

So whoever you are and for whatever reason you are looking there is the condensed version of him. It has been driving me crazy. Who are you? Why do you wanna know? Did he do it again? Its been 4 months. Do you know him personally? Idk I'm just curious.

PS this was longer but my internet at work still sucks and I thought I copied it but apparently not.

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