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Friday, August 3, 2012

My Move and Weekend

Monday was super stressful waiting to hear from Juan. I had texted him and was getting no reply. On our last phone call he said he was gonna call/text me Sunday which he didnt. With Tuesday being moving day but still not having a key or anything I was just a little stressed. And it got worse before it got better. On my lunch break I called since he hadnt answered my text and found that his cell was disconnected. To say I flipped out would be an understatement. I knew for sure that he was backing out. I was so worried. Finally around 11pm I get a text from a number I dont reconize. Its him and we make plans for Tuesday.

Tuesday was just as stressful but for different reasons. I am the type of person who would rather get up early and get it done. I hate waiting around. So I ran some late morning/early afternoon. Got some last min things for the apt. Then Kelli and I went and unloaded my car. She started unpacking some stuff. Went and got me a new TV and then Russell and Ronnie showed up. Picked up the uhaul and loaded my storage unit into the uhaul, and moved everything into the new place. Then I took Kelli and Ronnie back to my gmas. Finally around 10 I was home and I did some unpacking, decorating. Ran to the store and got some snacks and drinks. And got a few VHS from Krystal to watch on my VCR. Thats all the tv I had. A freaking VCR connected to a big fancy TV.

Wednesday I unpacked some more. Finished the kitchen and went grocery shopping. I bought about $80 worth from Walmart, wahoo, EXCEPT I decided to carry them all in one trip...BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE. Since then, combine that w/ a lot of lifting and carrying my that goes w/ moving and unpacking, my hands are even worse. How in the world is that possible?? Currently as I type this my middle finger on my left hand has been numb since Weds night. I cant even come close to closing my right hand. I never realized how much your sense of touch is used for everything. Washing your hair, doing dishes. Its hard for me to cook, open a soda, put on pants or a bra. Driving is painful... Def time for the Surgury.

Thursday I went and bought a HDTV antenna so I could get locals at least. I wasnt sure when Juan was gonna get me a cable box. Happily watched tv Thursday afternoon, so no unpacking got done. My mom stopped by to see it and stayed for awhile. Then Juan dropped off the cable box. Whoa. That was fast. And after I bought that damn antenna. Oh well I can use it in case the cable goes out. Russell brought chance over for awhile. Then I made dinner for Krystal and I. She hung out for a few hours.

Overall my weekend was great. I love my new place. LOVE. IT. OMG!!! And yes I have pics. Just a few. And these were taken Tuesday so they arent of the finished product but better then nothing.
The muscles of my moving crew, my brother Ronnie

My new bedset

Big fancy TV and my living room

my fancy pots and pans

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