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Sunday, August 12, 2012

I only wanna be w/ you

I only have 1 post for all of August but its not my fault. I have started to create new entries multiple times but the internet connection at work has been driving me crazy. I'm gonna try again....

Lets see.....its been so long. Kelli totalled her car. She was driving to her dads and went to grab her phone, lost control and ended upside down on the feeder road. Then a week later her and I got into it bc after she waited all day to take me up on an offer to spend the night I cancelled. SO since I cancelled she apparently "needed" me and did drugs instead. Hmmm...needless to say I was more then pissed off. And on top of that it really hurt my feelings.

Tuesday morning is my first appt w/ a ortho for my hands. I cant freaking wait. The numbness and pain is getting to be unbearable. And its affecting my sleep, I think. Waking up w/ my hands just useless. lol I hope we can get this show on the road.

I won tickets to see 5 different concerts. Dierks Bentley(9/28), Jason Aldean(10/26), Gary Allan(9/29), Jake Owen(9/30?), and Luke Bryan(10/26). How exciting. OMG. I really wish someone special would go w/ me...


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