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Monday, July 16, 2012

16 Year old Calls Mom a Bitch - Child Abuse?

How many people have heard about the 16 yr old who got beat by his dad for calling his mom a bitch?

I just found out about it from co-workers where they were laughing and saying he deserves it and blah blah blah. So finally someone googles it and shows me the pic...

Heres a search page. I dont see a reputable news source covering it yet, so I just linked to the Bing search I did. Choose one to see a pic. Warning: It is graphic.

Now, tell me how this is ok. Dont get me wrong, it is wrong of the son to call his mom a bitch, even if she is one. And I wouldnt fault neither the mom or the dad if they got a little heated and slapped his face or hell if the dad even punched him once before regaining composure. But to BEAT a child over a child calling you a name. Thats too much. I dont care to hear any details. I dont care if the child was a problem child, or not. There was no excuse for the ADULTS in the house to not be ADULTS and remain composed. If things were so heated that it came to blows then the ADULTS should have sent him to his room until everyone calmed down. Or something. I know my dad and I used to come close to physical fights when I was a teen and so did my brothers. My dad would hit us if we were being disrespectful and sometimes we would be irrational and lose our cool, forget who we were speaking too and fly off the handle. And we'd get slapped across the face. But my dad would stop before he hit us with a closed fist, and he'd tell us to GET THE F outta his face before he whooped our ass. Then he'd go to his room to calm down too. Or he'd go out and take a ride. Something.

Anyway...thats my opinion. Whats yours?

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