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Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Music

"I LOVE emotional music. Music that makes me sad, happy, romantic, or anything really deep." Stephanie Neilson from her blog NieNie Dialogue's.

Yes NieNie I totally agree. I love to wear out the repeat button when I find a song that "speaks" to me. Music has always been a language in my life. A few chords can bring memories of forgotten loves flooding back. A perfectly worded lyric can speak to me and repeat over and over in my mind, becoming almost a personal motto. Falling in love while listening to music and search for our song. A broken heart finding comfort in powerful fighters words. Tears filling your eyes while the singers voice fills your whole spirit and just letting yourself have that cry. My body will be covered in goosebumps and I will sing along.

Right now my favorite songs and what the mean to me are:

Dustin Lynch "Cowboys and Angels" - "Not sure why her path crossed mine....accident or grand design." This is my current love song. My heart melts every time I hear it.

Little Big Town "Pontoon" - This is my happy song. I can NOT hear this song and not be in a good mood. It reminds me of toobin down the Guadalupe river.

Luke Bryan "Drunk On You" - Someone special quoted the lyrics in this song for me. So now it has a special place for me.

Sugarland "Stay" - Hmmm what can I say. "Its too much pain to have to love a man you have to share."

Kenny Chesney "Come Over" - This song once again is a love song for me. Missing my love song.

Toby Keith "Cryin' For Me" - Ah man. This song is the one that makes me so sad. Thinking about missing my gpa. I cant live w/o him in my life. I cant.

Yes I know those were all country BUT I do have a few that arent country.

Kelly Price "Tired" - This song was my anthem while I was struggling with my brothers trial and jail/prison time, my parents divorce and my own.

Mary J. Blige "Mr Wrong" - Always Mr

Owl City "Fireflies" - I hated this song at first. But on the Christmas that my mom surprised me by bailing Ryland out and he was my Christmas present, he and I drove to Houston and he told me a few months later that this song reminds me of me and being "in the free" :(

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