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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tomorrow is my bday party

I was going to do a 29 wrap up. But as I was going thru my blog I re-read my post and it was kind of a sad year. Lots of loser guys, the Kevin crap....  Chris hasnt been terrible. I'm not sure whats gonna happen in the long run w/ him. But hes a good guy too. Real sweet and not like the other guys.

I cant believe I'll be 30 in 3 days. Seriously? Where did the time go? Can we please slow this down? Its only going to go faster and faster as time goes by. Waaaaaaaah....I dont wanna die!

Kelli had her baby. An adorable little boy. Tomorrow is placement. She wasnt due for a few more weeks but she was in and out of the hospital every few days so the dr FINALLY decided to take the baby. Hes healthy and so cute. I really worry about how Kelli is going to do after this, bc she went crazy after she placed Harmoni. I know our family will be praying for her, HARD.

A guy asked for my number today. That never happens. I was at the grocery store and he smiled and said hello when we were passing each other in the produce section. Which I was just thinking ok hes friendly. And of course I saw him a few more times and then he was checking out at the same time as me. He introduced himself (Fred? ewww really lol) and asked if it was ok to ask for my number...What am I supposed to do in those situations? I told him I wasnt comfortable giving my number but I gave him my okc profile name. So we'll see. But I mean I am not looking for a BF right now. I am taking a break. So what how does that work?

Well I'm out for now.

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  1. Hope you had a great time at your party. You should have taken his number than you could have called him or not. Your choice your terms:) We will also pray hard for Kelli and your family. Xoxo Ali