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Friday, May 18, 2012

Frugal Shopper Here

Bought my first thing for my apt. Wahoo. So exciting. I have my bathroom stuff picked out too. I was thinking buying that on my next check. Its gonna be about $75 bucks for the floor rugs, shower curtain, and towels. I also want to get one of those rounded shower rods like in hotels. And a fancy shower head. But those arent pressing. I needs kitchen stuff too. I dont have any of that bc I just let Russell take all of that.

3rd "date" with Chris. This was much different then the other 2, in my opinion. We seem to have relaxed w/ each other more, we spent a lot of the day together and it was good. He makes me smile and laugh. He tells me I'm beautiful and I dont feel like my weight is something holding him back.

*Kelli is still "missing." No one has heard from her. I am really starting to worry.
*I got a letter from Ryry. I miss him!!
*I was so busy on my days off. But I got my a/c fixed. $319!
*I downloaded some new songs on itunes and just realized I got jipped on a song. Its only like a min long.

Mkay...My gma has been sick the past 2 days. And I have been careful about washing my hands and not putting my fingers in my mouth (I'm a nail biter) so hopefully I'm in the clear.

Ta-ta for now...ewww who says that...

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