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Sunday, May 6, 2012

I wanna MOVE!

Ok sorry about the picture purging. I have a bad habit of right clicking stuff and never doing anything w/ it. So I had a ton of pics in my folder at work. And I very badly needed to clean it out.

I am currently having an internal conflict. I went and looked at The Bradford apts. The floor plan I want, on the 1st floor, etc. Its available a little sooner then I expected. The 19th. Of course I couldn't actually move till the 22nd. If I moved now things might be a little tight for the first 2-3 months. Maybe...OMG I wanna this apt so bad. AND I want my pupster w/ me. I miss my Chancey-loo.

Last night, while looking for some Tylenol I found a pain pill. Hallelujah! I took that and in about 30 mins I was gooooooood. Killed my pain and knocked me out. I slept great. But I sure was groggy this morning.

And just for Chris I blogged about kittens. This is Roosevelt. He was my napping buddy when I was at Krystal. He is big and fluffy. He has a big cat brother named Roman and a little cat sister named Valentine.

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