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Saturday, May 26, 2012

My House!!

I cant believe I didnt blog about my new place. Umm lets see about 1 week ago I found a small little guest house for rent on craigslist. I sent an email to let Chad the landlord know I was interested. That was Friday or Saturday. I was going crazy waiting to hear from this guy. He finally emailed me Monday w/ his number. I called once in the morning and once in the afternoon and he finally answered. Tuesday I went and looked at it. I was already in love before I even saw it. Once I saw it I was head over heels. Its bigger inside then it looks. Nice size living room, full dining room and kitchen. Good size bedroom and bath. There is a fenced in private backyard w/ a backdoor. And a swing on the front porch. A-dor-able!! I put the deposit down on Thursday and got the key.
Now I am dying. DYING to move in. I want to get my stuff outta storage and start figuring out how I wanna arrange the furniture. I'm ready to decorate and have my puppy back!!! Cable and internet is being installed on Weds. So currently my plan is move in Monday w/ the help of my brother and my gpa's truck (hopefully hes off). Tuesday do some unpacking/arranging. Weds get kitchen/house stuff when my direct dep hits and then be at the house to wait for the cable guy. And Chad said thurday I can officially be moved in. Whoop whop wop!!
I have a long list of stuff I needs since I gave away so much to Russell. Luckily I no longer have to get a TV and entertainment center. Russell had my tv and was using it BUT when I said something he said I could have it. Thank God. Seriously. I need a fridge tho.

*Kelli is alive
*I didnt end up getting sick

Things are going well w/ Chris. We didnt get to see each other this week and that made me have a sad. But I am going to see him tomorrow. My gparents are outta town so we will have some privacy. I was gonna invite him to spend the night tonight but... there isnt a big comfy bed. But my question is, when are we bf/gf. I keep asking people this and getting different answers. If we are both exclusive Sigh, I hate this part.

Anyway here are a few pics of the house from the ad. Have a good weekend.



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