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Friday, May 4, 2012

11 advil in 16 hours is ok?

My stay with Krystal is coming to an end. Whomp whomp. Matt is coming home Sunday or Monday and so I am headed back to my gparents house. Waaaaaah how sadly. I love living w/ my bff. Its so much fun. We do so many activities. lol No not really we just laugh, a lot. Like all the time. Like shoot boogers out, choke on our drink laughter. Sigh...oh

I went shopping yesterday for my date w/ Chris. I got a new top, bolero jacket, skirt and panties. I am keeping them all except the skirt. Its super cute and everything but 1 - I dont like that style skirt 2 - the freaking zipper messed up. Already. Oh and the panties weren't really for the date, lol. My older ones were too big, lol. So we met at his apt and when to dinner. Dinner went well. Of course the newness at first was fun, lol. Awkward. But we relaxed pretty quick. After we had dinner we went back to his apt. He lives there w/ his sister, and his mom was there visiting his sister. So I met mom on the 1st date. lol We watched 2 movies and snuggled. It was a nice night. He walked me to my car and yes, we will be seeing each other again. Yay. I'm happy. He is a cutie.

My tooth/temple/jaw area is killing me, too annoyingly painful to use my brain currently. Maybe I will be back...

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