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Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

Yesterday I spent the day w/ Chris. He came over to my gparents house and we hung out in my room. He snooped thru my laptop. lol He did remove/add some stuff while he was snooping. BUT he saw ALL of my pics. Nosey butt. Oh well. Sigh...

After that we went out to the pool. He doesnt swim and just put his legs in at first, but after I was in for awhile he decided to get in. I helped him w/ some sunscreen and he got in. I had a really good time w/ him in the pool. He was so silly and I helped him w/ paddling and stuff. After we played a little, we sat on the steps and talk. He opened up some more about his past relationships and I told him about Kevin. Pretty much my only relationships in the last 1.5 years.

He started to get a headache so we got out and got dress then headed to Freebirds for lunch. And then went back to his apt. We were both pretty exhausted after spending the day in the pool and being out in the sun. We basically just lounged around watching movies. Until I headed home. Left a little earlier then normal bc I had to be at work early today.

After I get off today at 1:30, I'm gonna head over to the house and unload what I already have in my trunk. Then pick up Ronnie, get my gpa's truck and head to the storage unit. I wanna try and take his toolbox out of the bed so we can have more room and not have to make more then one trip...hopefully.

OMG I am so excited!!

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