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Monday, August 8, 2011

Can I get away w/ murder?

Thursday after work I had date #2 with Brian, the gentleman. Things are going well w/ him. I'm not in love with him or anything. Its weird bc normally I get SUPER attached like immediately. But with him its like yes I like him. And that is all. He is cute and really sweet. We seem to have a weird getting adjusted to each other moments. I don’t know… Maybe I am forcing an attraction to him. We don’t talk much, its weird. But we have plans for tonight so we'll see how that goes.

I am also still talking to my HS bf, Justin. A guy named Jim. And then there is Adam. I'm not actually dating them. Just talking. Things in the single life have been pretty quiet lately…hmmm.

Spent too much time w/ Russell last week. Thought I was gonna have to kill him. Then proceeded to get in a huge screaming fight w/ him over the phone and my roommates heard it all. Super awesome. I can only tolerate him in very small amounts. Maybe spend the night every 2 weeks or so. He has a monopoly on me bc I really wanna be able to relax and be "alone" and I can do that at the apt. Plus I love to see my babies. Max and Chance. I miss them so much. I want my apt back. But then I love my roommates and staying w/ them is fun. Boo.

I need to lose weight. I wanna be able to go to the ren fest this year and not wanna kill myself before I even get outta the parking lot. AND I wanna be able to dance like a retard at the halloween party. So… I have 2 months. Man that’s it. Crap. I need to start walking like ASAP.

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