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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Gentleman

So after reading that article, I posted a personal ad on CL telling the guys to read the article. Then if they want to declare their love of fat chicks and date a super awesome one they should reply to the ad.
As usually I got plenty of responses and started weeding thru them. The jerks. The sex focused. The perverts. But then I got a message from Brian. Brian and I emailed a few times, then he shared his number. We texted thru out the day yesterday and on my way home he asked if I had any plans for the night. I didn’t. So I invited him over.
At first it was really awkward. He didn’t seem interested. Maybe he could tell I was nervous or something. IDK. We watched a movie and barely spoke. Towards the end of the movie, we loosened up and started talking. After the movie, I put on something else to watch and we cuddled up on the couch. We held hands and he massaged my neck (bc I was complaining about my neck hurting via text earlier that day). Nothing ever got too far, he never even tried. He kissed my forehead and stroked my arm. It was adorable.
Then when the evening was over, I walked him to the door and he kissed me goodnight, hugged me and left. I couldn’t believe what a gentleman he was. I am not used to it at all. All the past guys, even if they weren't too pushy, would be so sexually focused. I am excited to see how it goes w/ Brian. Either way he def won some points for the way he carries himself.

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