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Monday, August 15, 2011


My work BFF is coming back from vacation tomorrow. Yay. I sure have missed him. He got married and took 2 weeks off for that. We entertain each other during slow times and bitch to each other during busy times. I think it’s the first time I have ever truly honestly been just close friends w/ a guy. Usually I start to have a crush or he starts to take it to a sexual place. So this is nice. And he gives me good guy advice.

I cashed out my 401k from my old job. I'm getting back a few $$'s. I do owe back taxes tho so it might get garnished. And if it does that’s ok it needs to be paid. But if it doesn’t I am going shopping!! Whoop Whop Wop! Hey Krystal on our next bff night we are going to dinner and then doing something fun like bingo or something, my treat! I am going to catch up on my car note too. I am only one month behind but freaking BOA is the devil and they stalker call me and my mom.

OMG! I just got some crazy information but I cant even talk about it here…bummer.

So the boys…Brian is trying to make a comeback. I told him I had lost interest and he was coming across as if he also wasn’t really interested…

Too much is going on for me to focus on this blog entry.

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