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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Line Up

So I seem to have narrowed down my search to 4 guys. Its been the same 4 for a few weeks. Well same 2 for over a month and then 2 newer guys. These are the names to learn and a little back story for those keeping up. And these are in the order of my preference for wanting them.

Adam(Josh) - 2 names bc when I met him online he introduced himself as Josh. He has a GF and we were friends first. So I know about his relationship. When things went in a "new" direction with us, he admitted his name was really Adam. Lol Ok. He has never cheated on his gf and he struggles w/ what he should do. The only reason I believe him is bc he was on my part of town last weekend and getting him to drive by, not even stop, was a big freaking deal. I keep saying I wont do anything w/ him till he makes up his mind, grows some balls and ditches the gf. We will see how that goes.

Michael - Black guy, buff, hard worker. Seems to have the same moral/religious beliefs as me. Huge plus. We have good conversations. But its been hard for us to meet bc our schedules are off. And it seems like I may have gotten him confused w/ another guy bc he isn't in school. Just working. Whoops. First time that happened. Ttt He is also a gentleman bc I told him I wasn’t interested in sex right away and he didn’t flinch. We will see.

Justin - I like the idea of this one. Old HS "sweetheart" seems like a good idea. Except his got some baggage he needs to clear up first. He's just getting back on his feet after many many years of … crap. Its fun talking to him. We already know each other. If he was local and already back on his feet this would be more fun.

Allen - IDK maybe he shouldn’t even be on here. But I like him for now. He has a job, car, potential. He's cute. Nice wiener. Lol He seems shady tho...

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