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Monday, August 22, 2011

Pros and Cons

First date w/ Michael last night. I would say it was more like a meet in real life to see if we both are still interested. Which we are, yay.

  • He is cuter then I expected.
  • He drives a nice truck.
  • He has a good job.
  • No kids.
  • Good conversation.
  • He has a gold tooth.
  • He talks a little ghetto.
  • His mom is sick.
  • He works a lot.
This is going to be really interesting trying to figure out how we are gonna continue seeing each other. Our schedules are just all over the place. He works 6 days a week, 3pm-4am. He's off on Sundays. How in the world…sigh… I guess we will figure this out somehow if we wanna make it work.

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