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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

8 Years Ago Today Part 2

At this time 8 years ago Russell and I were in the back of our limo headed to the reception. Just me and him. Its would be the first time we had a chance to be alone together and the last for the rest of the evening until we left for our honeymoon suite. So we had the driver take the long way. When we finally got to the hotel everyone was wonder what took so long. lol

So where I left off yesterday - After Russell dropped me off and I was safely inside I dont remember anything. I dont know if I got a snack or watched tv. I do remember laying in bed wondering if I would ever fall asleep. Apparently I did. I woke up to a phone call around 9ish from my BFFs in Baton Rouge. Thats where we were living at the time. Donna and Jennifer. They were fixing to go work and wanted to say Happy Wedding Day. lol We all worked together at Piccadilly. We talked for awhile and I wished that they were able to come but my boss couldnt give all 3 of us the days off. Humph...dont know why. lol

After I got off the phone I went into the kitchen where my momma made me breakfast. She make me a fajita omlet. I remember her saying Russells mom probably made him breakfast so she had to too. lol She thought I didnt like onions so she left them out. Shes wrong I do like them. Especially grilled. After breakfast I showered. I shaved everything!! I remember my dad was banged on the door at some point about me taking too long. And then hearing my mom say shes showering for her wedding, leave her alone. lol

I had my outfit picked out way in advance bc I had read in a bridal magazine to make sure you wear a button down so you can get your shirt off w/o messin up your hair/veil/makeup. I worn my fav pink striped top that I wore to my Bridal Shower. And a pair of jeans. We went to a place in Alvin where she did my nails, makeup and hair. I wore it half up and she placed my veil in. I swear I had 100 bobby pins in my hair that day.

Afterwards we went to the dollar tree. Not sure what we were getting there, but EVERYONE was staring at me. We went back home and started loading up the car. Just me and momma for now, but they only had one car so we all had to pack into the car w/ my dress and all the accessories. lol As we were leaving we were doing the checklist off in our heads and OMG I dont have a garter. So we stopped a few places and luckily right before the church there is a little boutique and they had some. Oops. lol

Once at the church, my bridesmaid and maids of honor show up. They are getting ready putting on make up. My gpa stops by to drop off a meat tray for snacks. Bc the wedding planner lady said we should have snacks. The wedding planner wasnt hired by us, she works for the church. She was a dud. I remember going to smoke a cigarette w/ my girlfriends. Taking pics of the bridal party before the ceremony. But not w/ Russell. My mom FREAKING out bc me and Russell cant see each other. Yes we know, mom, calm down.

Then is was time. I was waiting around the corner and Ronnie, my brother, came out and said you look very beautiful. I asked him who told you to say that. lol I can hear my mom singing Ava Maria. I am standing next to the water fountain. Ok they shut the doors to the sanctuary, my step dad on my left, my gpa on my right, they open the doors, the music starts, everyone stands and turns to me. I feel sick to my stomach. I'm looking at the people as we walk. I totally forgot to look at Russell. Oops ok Look now. I look at him. Hes smiling. Phew ok.

At the end of the ceremony as the pastor announce us, we kiss, then turn, everyone stands, music starts and we head back down the aisle, my arm around his, I am looking into the crowds. 2nd to last row. My real dad!! Last row Jennifer and Donna from Baton Rouge. I burst into tears. Russ and I are whisked into a side room to keep the guest from trying to hug us and congratulate us there (thats planned at the reception) we need to finish pictures. Supposedly when my mom saw me crying she pushed Russell outta the way to see what was wrong. He has never let that go. To this day. lol

The rest of the night is a blur. We are moved like cattle from one location to another. Cut cake. Pics. Toss flowers. Pics. Garter. Pics. Toast. Pics. Then we dance. And dance and dance. Wonderful night w/ friends and family. At the very end of the night, my mom, dad and brothers help us carry our things to the honeymoon suite we booked for just that night. The honeymoon is in New Orleans but we got 1 night free at the reception location. Ryland doesnt wanna leave the room, he doesnt understand why he cant spend the night. I undress, down to my petticoat and boob thingy, lol. My parents finally drag him out literally kicking and screaming. I shower and try to get all my bobby pins out.

Since we had 2 surprise out of town guest, staying in the same hotel, we had a small after party in their room. We smoke and drink. And then head back to our room. The hotel filled our room w/ plate of food. Which was good bc I didnt eat at the reception at all. I think I had a pineapple ring and a strawberry. lol After we ate, we head upstair (the room was a loft) and theres champagne. We toast to each other, take a sip, then pour it out and add Dr Pepper to the glasses. We spread all the cards, cash and envelopes out and start counting...

We ended up w/ $1000+ in gifts just from the $$ dance and the people who gave us cash and prizes. And we spent it all on the honeymoon. We had an amazing honeymoon in New Orleans...

So there is it. For the last time. All typed out.

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  1. I try to keep faith that everything happens for a reason. My first failed marriage eventually led me to Neil and now we have two awesome kids that fill me with immense happiness. Who knows where your life will lead you, but it will definitely be on to better things!