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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hate all the things!!

I'm too depressed to blog...
Which is kinda silly bc actually I use my blog to vent and such so I should just post about the issue troubling me.
But I dont wanna sit here and think about the stuff thats make me sad.
BUT I dont wanna neglect my blog either.
So I'll do a bullet point post and get my issues out and catch y'all up.

*My car. I hate BOA. Its poor baby car that I loved so much.
*I have no transportation.
*Russell is moving back into my apt bc...I need him around for transportation but his truck sucks up so much gas that he cant afford to drive to his house and back, picking me up, etc. Yay.
*Kevin not having a phone. I am sad and want to be comforted.
*I got approved for a car loan in my name but its part of a 2nd chance credit program and it requires me to have a co-signer for 6 months and no one, who has been nice enough to try, has credit thats good enough. Everyone w/ good credit wont do it. I understand its risky but I was even willing to have my direct dep automatically take the amt of the car note and put it in their acct.
*I asked my family to please stop having all the family functions on Sundays bc I have to work and cant attend, and to please swt them back to Saturdays like they used to be. (The only reason they swt to Sundays to begin w/ was bc my mom worked Saturdays years ago and couldnt go to those, but now thats not necessary.) And yet 3 of the last 4 have still been Sundays. I hate not being able to see my family, makes me even more depressed.

Whatever...this isnt helping. I just feel like crying so I'm gone for now. Have a good Thanksgiving. I'll be working.

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