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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kevin and Rhianna

Yep. I never had a doubts on my feelings for this man. Almost from the moment he responded to my ad, I have felt deeply connected to him. No reason for this. And its not normal. I dont typically fall so quickly. There have been others tho. Not gonna lie. Mostly those were physical tho, ie Fat Mike, Philip. I had this connection w/ Kevin before it was even possible to have a physical connection, obviously.

Last night was finally the night. Our schedules parted and a magical rainbow window appeared for us. lol He had to work late Tues night, till 10pm and had to be back at 7am. Since he lives over an hour from his job, driving back and forth would have been dumb. On nights like that his boss will pays for a room. So he got a room at Super 8. After I got off work I met him there. I was so nervous for 2 reasons, safety first. Uh hello I was meeting him at a hotel. A strange man. lol. But I have a system and I always try to be as safe as possible. Reason 2, we were finally meeting.
Once I got there I was stupid nervous, saying dumb stuff I'm sure. Just talk, talk, talk, talk. It helps calm my nerves. If you asked me what I talked about. I had no idea, I think I told him why I decided not to eat Ramen Noodles right before I come over?? Ugh I dont know... once I shut up and let him know I was calming down, he leaned over and kissed me.
Phew, thats what I needed.
Pretty much the rest of the night went well. He doesnt normally stay up real late so he started to crash about an hr after I got there. We were just laying in the bed chatting and I would look up and he'd be sleeping. lol Poor little sleepy head. So I went ahead and let him sleep. I turn out the lights and watched tv until I fell asleep too.
He didnt try to rush anything, but we still had a great night. *cough*notsayingwewastedahoteltroom*cough* His alarm was set for 6 but he over slept, we woke up at 7. Oops, so he got dresses and flew out the door. I stayed till check out and then on my way home he texted to see if I wanted to meet him for lunch. So I went home, changed and then picked him up. He works at the Hilton right on the lake so we just went back there and sat out by the water.
We talked and he told me how happy he was that I was still interested after meeting him. lol That was the same thing I was worried about. We talked about how crazy it is that we just found each other. How does that happen!!? Seriously, so weird. Then we decided to make it official.

I am now in a relationship. OMG! I heart my bf! Kevin and Rhianna forever!! lol

Thank God. Seriously. I am so thankful to God for giving me Kevin. He has been a light in my life. Even tho 28 days to meet was rough, I remained as patient as I could be. I prayed and thanked Him for bringing Kevin into my life. And I will continue to pray for our relationship. I want this one to be done right. And that is thru God.


  1. So what's you didn't waste the room mean... What happened.

  2. So cute! Hoping the best for you two lovebirds ;)