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Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

*Thursday night, my Fridays, I went over to seem my old roomies. I hung out over there for awhile, got the scoop on the new roommates and how they hate them. lol
*Friday was my lazy day. I went grocery shopping. Made tator tot cass. Krystal was supposed to come over but she ditched me. So that was nice. lol Then later that night was when Kevin and I get into a little situation. And I cried. lol.
*Part of Saturday was quite lazy at first also. But then Saturday night Krystal and I went to play Bingo. So fun even if we never win. And we were the first outta the parking lot! WAHOOO! We won that. Ha.
*Sunday before work Kevin and I had that great convo. Then I went to work. While I was at work Kevin and I talked some more. That convo was also awesome. We talked about the future. Got some good info. We started the whole "I'm not on the pill" convo and he said he had a vasectomy. That made me sad, and he asked me if I wanted kids one day. I said I did. Just 1. A girl. I asked why he did that w/ only one kiddo. His reply was that he only wants one. I told him that made me a little sad but it didnt ruin everything. And he said he's not opposed to having more kids. Awww...seriously, guys. He'd be willing to put his junk back under the knife just to make adorable fat babies w/ me. If thats not true

That was it. Exciting right? Arent you jealous of my life??

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