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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

1. Kevin - hes sick w/ the flu...poor little baby, but we are settling into a nice little spot together, its comfy.
2. Kevins house - he had an offer on it, too low, so he countered...we will see!!
3. Russ - we are doing very well at finding our way as friends. There are bumps but he is aware of Kevin and respects my privacy and relationship w/ him.
4. Bills - I started up an acct at so I can follow my expenses more closely.
5. WLS - 11/12 is the seminar. Nervous, yet excited.
6. Sleep - its getting better, most night, altho I need to watch how late I eat and what I am eating, heartburn/acid reflex is back w/ some big balls, ouch
7. Ryland - he has called me a few days in a row to just say I love you. Awww so sweet.
8. Shopping - I really want a new purse. And I need a few new pairs of pants for work.
9. My Tire - I still need to get a new one, still on my donut...not good.
10. Mass Firing - at my old job, every year right before the holidays they fire a bunch of people. But this years list seemed to be the most tenured and typically the higher performers. Glad I am not there.
11. Krystal - Hey! I wanna see Anonymous and I wanna play Bingo. Saturday? For bingo I mean?
12. Need to go see my dad.
13. Clean my room. My room is messy right now and its driving me crazy.

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