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Monday, February 20, 2012

I cant text w/ wrist braces on sleep has been all jacked up again. I am getting pretty darn tired of this. I don't do well w/ sleeping problems. I really hate walking up every hour. Its the worst feeling in the world. Tonight I am going to do like 20 things to help me sleep hopefully. No dinner, just a snack. No computer. Take a bath. Take my new pain relievers. Crank down the ac, get the bedroom nice and cold. Maybe no tv too. Maybe read a book?? Hopefully I will sleep thru the night or at least a few hours straight.

My doctors appt went really well today. She listened to all my concerns, my hands and other joint pains, heartburn/reflux, and restarting the metformin. She rx me some braces for my wrist, which I have to sleep in?? I don't know how this is gonna work. RX for my heartburn, joint pain and she gave me metformin too!! I love my dr bc she could have referred me to specialist for all of those issues. I am so glad she didn't. Saved me a bunch of $$. Then she wanted me to go get lab work and normally that is also a big ordeal too. I am a terrible blood giver. And since I have started telling the techs that they get all big and bad like they have something to prove to me. This one listened, I told her I get close to passing out, so she let me lie down. Then I let her know they always have to use the vein on the outside of my arm. And she did. Smoothest visit ever. Glad that's done. I love her.

I am going to postpone my move to Pipers Cove by one month. 2 main reasons, 1 to help/make sure Russell is out and on his own, so I am going to help him get an efficiency or a small 1 bedroom. Once he's out he can go from there, I cant keep bailing him out. So this is it. Then while I wait to get my $500 dep back from this apt (hopefully, I mean I am sure they will find something to take away some, but no way that apt has $500 worth of damage) I will stay w/ family and pay off some debts. Wahoo. SO that way I can start new and fresh, mostly debt free. How exciting.

PS Kevin messaged me again...I ignored him this time.

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