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Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Pain, The Pain

Lets see about 6 weeks ago I parked my butt in front of my computer and spent pretty much my entire weekend there. If I recall correctly it was the weekend Kevin "died." The internet was my only escape bc I could control the content. Anyways after sitting in that chair at that desk my knees hurt OMG SO BAD. I kinda dealt w/ it for a week or so. Then I busted out the heating pad and within 24 hrs I felt better. Well fast forward about 2 weeks later and I started having severe joint pain in my fingers, wrist, elbows, under part of my shoulders, knees and ankles. The worst of it being in my fingers and knees. I cant stand up if I have been sitting for any length of time, w/o stretching my legs first. My hands hurts to make a fist. So I am finally giving in and going to the doctor tomorrow. I just cant deal w/ the pain any longer.
I worry about the dr just saying lose weight, NEXT!! Its not weight related. This came on suddenly, and how would my weight affect my fingers/wrist? But I am probably over reacting, my dr is pretty awesome. This will test just how awesome she is.

Chaz, my adopted brother, came home Thursday. His charges were dropped and the case was dismissed. I dont know how I feel about this. I am happy hes home. And actually I can say that and mean it since I saw the pic w/ him and my parents made me wish I was able to go to the welcome home party. But I miss Ryland so much. I wish Ryland could have come home too :(

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