Seriously? You have GOT to be kidding me!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sleepy phones

I missed both dosages of my pain reliever yesterday and I paid for it by last night/this morning. Some of the worse pain I have felt so far. I feel like such a helpless dud. Getting up and down the couch, walking anywhere, putting my shoes and socks was damn near impossible. :( I hate this. And because of all this pain I am having its really messing up my sleep. I have actually started dozing off while driving. NOT SAFETY 1ST!!! 2 close calls today. 1 w/ the cement divider and then a little later on w/ a car in the right hand lane next to me. Oops. I need to get both the pain and the sleep under control.
So after waiting months and months, to swt phones/upgrade I finally did last night. I swt from tmobile CT Motorola Cliq. (Its still on the original side are And my daddy is <--- ok see I feel asleep while I was typing?? What does this mean??) I am upgrading to the Motorola 4G Proton. Its so pretty.

Ugh I cant wait to get it.

Ok I am falling asleep gotta get up and move around...


  1. uhg Android... uh not sure about those... I'm iPhone for life! LOL


    1. No no no... I thought about the iphone, I really wanted it. But then I started talking to people who have had android and iphones and most were happier w/ the android.