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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Ryland Story

This is the whole story of Ryland and his case, from the best of my memory.

On Halloween 2009, Ryland (15), my adopted brother Chaz(15) and 2 other males(1 minor and 1 adult) allegedly robbed a smoke shop by gun point at closing time. The owner was shot in the stomach when defending himself and his store. In Nov 2009, I received a phone call from my mom, while I was at work, that the FPD was looking for my brother and Chaz for multiple armed robberies. The police came and got Chaz from my parents house sometime after that. And then a few days later, a Saturday, they came and got Ryland.

Apparently there was 2 identified robbers, and 2 unidentified. Both Chaz and the other minor were identified, the adult and Ryland were unidentified, the adult was later identified. Because of his prior history and affiliations w/ the 3 identified Ryland was then labeled the 4th unidentified robber who also so happened to be the shooter. The victim couldnt identify Ryland, he wasnt ever on camera, the weapon was never recovered. But yet he was in jail.

He started off in juvie, where it was the easiest to see him. Visitation hours were convenient. I could come twice a week. Parking was easier/better. It was never crowded. We have contact visits and you can buy snacks to bring in the little room. He was there from Nov-Dec. until he was certified as an adult. Dec he turned 16, in Jail.

In Dec 2009 he was certified as an adult. This never has anything to do with the minor, their history, etc, its just based on the crime they are being charged with. Which is Aggravated Robbery. So once he was certified he was transferred to the adult county jail. Visitation there was awful I hated going and honestly I avoided it as much as possible (which makes me feel terrible). It was so hard in many different ways. Parking is terrible. Hours are awful. Very overcrowded w/ less then desirable people. We have to see him behind glass in a room full of people. The speakers in the glass dont work so everyone is yelling. And since he is still a minor he has to be protected so it takes him forever to be called down bc he has to be escorted. And hes in hand cuffs. I saw him once there before my mom was able to bond him out. Which was right before Christmas. Best C-mas present ever.

In January 2010 he goes to court and fails his drug test. So he goes back. At first he went back to juvie, so I visited him there a few times. But he eventually gets transferred back to county. His bond gets reset and he gets back out. He has a GPS ankle monitor and cant leave the house. House arrest. can only leave for school. The GPS monitor is supposed to be better then a regular one. Its more precise. The guy who runs it says he can tell if Ryry is in the kitchen or his bedroom. In May 2010 my parents ask for him to be able to go to church and the gym. He is give M/W/F 2 hours at the YMCA and Sundays he can go to church from 9am-12:30pm.

In August 2010 a car is pulled over leaving my parents neighborhood. The driver and passenger are visible shaken up and when questioned told they cops they were just robbed at gun point of their drugs (WTF?) and that my brother and Chaz had done it. At this time Chaz has to take sleeping pills to sleep bc of his ADD meds. So my mother gave him a pill and saw his asleep in his room around 11. And Rylands ankle monitor was shown as charging between 11pm and 2am when this robbery happened. The "victims" said it took place in the driveway at my parents and its was around 11:45pm. So even tho the GPS guy said he can see Ryry he then retracted and said it wasnt that accurate, and of course my parents word about Chaz isnt good enough. So back to jail they go.


Nothing really happened between then and now. They offered him deals and he would reject them. And his bond was never reset again. He kept asking for 5 yrs. He'd sign for 5. His lawyer said no way that will happen. This week the DA offered 8 years for the 1st charge, drop the 2nd charge, 22 months of time already serve to apply, eligible for parole in 2 years 2 months. And he took the deal. He wanted to go to trial but we were scared. He said he took the deal bc he felt like no one was supporting his decision to go to trial. Ugh...dont put that on us. I didnt feel comfortable giving him an opinion. If I said trial and he got the max, I would be wracked w/ guilt.

So hes 18 now and if everything goes right he'll get out when he is 20. I really hope this is a wake up call for him and he straightens out once he's out. I dont wanna go back and forth w/ this my whole life.

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