Seriously? You have GOT to be kidding me!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Two mornings in a row my routine has been messed up. I am so annoyed. Unlike my better half, I am not at all patient w/ these window people at fast food restaurants. Yesterday, fixing to turn into Starbucks, I realized there was no power. Fine, I dont go to the McD's by my work bc they suck, so off I go to the one down the freeway. After waiting for-freaking-ever to place my order, they tell me they are out of the one thing I came to get. O.O
Ok fine.
Today. Drive to Starbucks. I can see the store sign. Good. Get to the drive thru and there are 2 other cars. They arent taking orders. What in the actually crap is going on!? The doors are still locked. Fine. I go to the McD's by my work, HOPING that they can get it right. Place my order, they dont have any fraps. Which just like yesterday is what I am trying to replace from Starbucks. Cancel the order, drive to the other one. Place my order. All out of fraps.

Are you kidding me? #$%^&*()OMKJHV^#$%^^&&**(()PJND^*&(()

Fine. Order my meal w/ a tea instead. Get to work. My order is wrong. Why! Why?! Crap. Oh and my tea taste funny.

Anyway. Jon and I started our little exercises yesterday with the Wii. I actually got a little something out of it. And it isnt too intense. I like it. Our plan is to do this daily. I need to be in better shape when we move to the new building.

Alright, no coffee, I am annoyed.

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  1. The McD's by my house used to always screw up the orders, but I always gave them the benefit of the doubt and checked my bag when I got home...lame!