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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Long Overdue Update

I have been dreading this post for days. But its about time I get this stuff out before it eats at me.

I'll start off with Tuesday evening and how my sleep study went. This one was to sleep w/ a machine and for them to come up w/ my prescription (bipap/cpap and pressure levels). They started me w/ a nasal mask and about 1/2 thru the night switched me to a full face mask. My nose/nostrils are too small and there were issues. Once they made that switch and to a bipap, I slept great (88 mins w/ only 3 disturbances and I was in REM). Next step is to wait for them to read the results, send my Rx to my insurance for approval and then med sup for my machine. Dr M said that would be about 2 weeks.

Originally my follow up was for a month later, but on 8/29 on my way to work I fell asleep driving. Yeah. Super scary.

Luckily it was like I just pulled over on the side of the road. I was woken up by another driver tapping on my window. I called my drs office later that day and was told to come right in. He got my results, which is where I got the numbers from up there, and put a STAT order on a machine. He wanted me to have a machine by that night. He assures me this is possible, relays the messages to his RN's and also takes me out of work. He tell the RN to give me the # to the specific RN handling my order. I can tell she is annoyed and I even have to remind her that my next follow up is in 2 weeks not 4. I am told to go home and call, they should be done by then.

I get home call, and am told my insurance is holding it up. I work for the same clinic the drs and RNs do and we all have the same insurance which is the clinics own insurance. So I know if the RN advised it was a STAT then this wouldn't be an issue. Whatever. I call back several times Friday and finally at 15 mins till 5pm am told to call the med supply company. Of course when I do they have no record of me. I explain the STAT and she says if it was marked STAT it would take 30 mins for it to be filled. She suggest I call my drs office again.

At this point I just start crying. I am so tired and to be so close to having my machine...I just cant. I hang up and my phone rings. It my drs office. They JUST faxed over my order. I asked if it was marked as STAT like Dr M said. She acted like she had not been aware but that now she was. And she tells me I will probably get a call Tuesday to set up an appt for my machine. This has gone all wrong. To be so close to finally feeling better and having to wait 5 more days is like a lifetime.

So now I sit and wait.
In the mean time I feel pretty shitty. I found out I managed to GAIN 13 lbs. No wonder it hurts so much to walk to and from the parking lot. But I called my mom and told her and basically asked for help. She is pretty much demanding that since I will be off for the next 2 weeks to join the YMCA and start going everyday while I'm off. I also talked to my old Sunday School teacher who is now a health guru of some sort, a nutritionist if I recall correctly. And she basically said...a big salad before dinner. Then a sweet potato, some brown rice or quinoa (sp?) and a small portion of lean meat IF NECESSARY. And lots and lots of fruits and veggies. Like all you can eat of those.

I am more then ready for this change. I know its gonna suck so much and I am not to sure how Jon is gonna feel, I am hoping as long as I can keep him full/not hungry he will be ok. Its drastic and we'll probably slip up...but speaking for just me I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE. I hate feeling like this.

So, the next few weeks I may be a complete bitch and/or a whiny little brat but we'll see how this goes. Prayer would be nice. Thanks.

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