Seriously? You have GOT to be kidding me!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Funday? Nope

Why in the world am I up at 5:41am on a Sunday morning?
Because I work on Sundays now...
Seriously. Bunch of crap stup#$%%&^&**()^...

So the drive wasn't bad at all. And since buc-cees is right by my work, I was able to get gas before work. But the walk from my car to my seat...yeah not possible currently. Its a long walk. Its something for me to work on, tho. But for now, I am going to hate my life. It is so nice in the new building. I have pictures but one con is my cell doesn't work in here. Oh and its sweaty in here.

Man my numbness in my left hand is getting to be a pain in my behind. But yet, my left hand doesnt have carpal tunnel.

I cleaned up the house yesterday. It had really been needing it. Especially the bathrooms. Feels good to have a clean house. We had a guest. My aunt Anna, my dads sister was in Katy for a friends graduation party so she stopped by for awhile. That was nice.

Alright, thats all.

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