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Monday, August 26, 2013

Keep Your Eyes on the Road

*If you didn't check for a Sunday post scroll below. I updated over the weekend.*

Here are the pics I was trying to load yesterday.

The first pic is of Ronnie, my brother, at our old building last week when I made him an awesome award. lol The one next to that is the right side of my desk. The 3rd is the left side. But I have actually rearranged the little shelves. The last photo is of how clean and purty the call center looks for now. I really love it here. Its so nice. There is also a Lubys in the caferteria. Its not open yet but should be soon. But I did eat my lunch in there yesterday. I approve. The breakroom is nice too. Crushed ice and cold filtered water. The coffee machine w/ cream and sugar thats not locked up. Wow. Then the standard coke and snack machine.

After dreading the walk yesterday today wasn't nearly as bad. So glad. I was being a whiney little B about how long of a walk everything was.

I am really struggling w/ my sleepyness. I almost turned around today on the way to work. I was falling asleep over and over. I couldn't stop myself. I was all over the road...this is not good. My next sleep study is Tuesday night. Hopefully I can get some good results and do well w/ the cpap. I desperately need it. All my co-workers are begging me not to drive...I dont know what to do...

Alright. I need to start wrapping it up. Happy Monday Y'all!!

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