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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pyogenic Granuloma

I was thinking I need to start blogging everyday again. It will help with keeping up w/ how I am doing w/ my cpap and dieting.

And I am a terrible blogger bc I wrote those word like a week and a half ago. Oops.

I just got back from the dermatologist (skin doctor) to have him look at and remove my pyogenic granuloma. lol Thats a growth on my finger. It looks like a blood blister. He had to numb my finger, then cut it off, dig it all out and burn the blood vessels. Now the numbing is wearing off and it kinda hurts. Ouchy. 

Saturday is Krystals wedding. I am kinda bummed bc she's my bff and I am not (cant) be in her wedding. She of course asked me but she is having a kinda quicky wedding and I wouldnt have been able to get the dress w/o it costing a lot. I think I would be a lot more upset about this if she was the one wanting to get married. I do wish she would have waited a least a few more months. Basically anytime but now, considering I am not working. Normally I could have bought the dress I needed no problem. Oh well. Her mom is making her so whatev. I'll live.

Yesterday I had an interview for a job I want so freaking bad. Its not open 24/7.  Closed on Sundays. No holidays. Ugh I want this so bad... Hopefully I will hear back soon. And that it will be good news.

Ok...I will be back tomorrow. I promise. lol

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