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Friday, September 27, 2013

Coleslaw Wedding

Hey, look, I came back.

I am so anxious waiting to hear from the place I interviewed at. She said 1-2 days but I guess I am not gonna hear anything today. Since its already 5. Bummer, I was really hoping to know something NOW.

I just finished making the coleslaw for the wedding tomorrow. There isn't enough. So unfortunately I am gonna have to send Jon on the way home. He hates that. But I am just too busy. I am, just stopping long enough to finish this up. Plus I'm making dinner.

So the diet is going well. We are almost 4 weeks in and we both can tell a difference. Jon actually has gone down a size in shirts already. And all my clothes I bought a few weeks ago that were too tight are fitting better. But it sucks bc I am having a fat day and my clothes suck and no matter what I put on I am not happy.

Sleep. Sleep sucks. I hate having to use my CPAP. If I do a lot of stuff during the day I crash as soon as I get home. Ugh. I dont know what the doctor is going to end up saying on Monday for my follow up. But I am supposed to return to work on Tuesday. I sure am going to miss being off. I have gotten used to getting up w/ Jon, making him breakfast and lunch. Then having the day to myself to run errands, clean, etc.

Mkay. I need to get off here. Have a great weekend!!

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