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Monday, September 9, 2013

I'm baaa-aaack

Never meant to stay away so long. So much has been going on that its overwhelming to even think about stopping to make a post. But I hate to be away for so long.

I forgot on my last update is Jon and I had our 1 year anniversary. He gave me a beautiful cross necklace and I gave him a handmade Texans throw blanket. I love my honey nut. :)

So, besides that, Jon and I have been doing well on our diets. I don't know about Jon but I have never eaten this well. I mean, we ate ok growing up, but it was a lot of processed foods. Now we eat pretty much only fresh food. Chicken, fish, veggies, and brown rice. lol Well, I cant wait to see results.

I am supposed to get my machine today. Wahoo. I hope it goes well tonight. And actually I need to go get ready.

I will try and post more until I return to work...altho I sure have enjoyed my time off.

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