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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Me and My Machine

So this happened last night.
I showed Jon how to set it up. And we played w/ it some. He was cracking up. I let him try it and he was freaking out. It is a very weird feeling. But we settled down and I tried to sleep. The first 30 mins-1 hour was kinda rough. I was trying to get into a comfortable position. Since I was a tummy sleeper, and even worse, I sleep on my face. Also making sure once I was comfy that my mask was sealed. But I finally got there. And I slept thru the night. It was awesome. I am so excited.
I am pretty sure I didn't disturb Jon. The mask sometimes makes a funny sound when it bubbles around my face when it loses its seal. I noticed when I woke up that my face is very dry and I have had to use a bunch of chapstick also. But who cares. I slept thru the night. Oh happy day!!

Other then that everything is great. Just wanted to swing by since I said I would.

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