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Monday, September 30, 2013

The Best Weekend

Before I get to busy I figured it would be good to update.

This weekend was pretty good. Saturday was Krystals wedding. I got up early and finished coleslaw, which came out soooo good btw. From there I was pretty much getting all purty-fied. I was finally just about the head out the door in my first outfit choice, when I had a change of heart about what I was wearing. Originally I was wearing just a more business casual/church cotton gray skirt and a black shirt w/ blue and gray swirly circles that matched Jons colors of his shirt. I decided to wear this really pretty black dress I have had for several years but hadn't worn in forever. I am so glad I changed bc I got a done of compliments. I wanted to get there early but rain was not going to let that happen. We weren't late and the wedding was nice. Krystal looked beautiful. The food was good and I had a really good time. So did Jon. He did really well.
After the wedding and reception we headed off to his uncles bday party. I finally was able to meet more of his family. Everyone was really nice and I think I will fit in just fine w/ his family. They had yummy bbq and we ate well. But we both started crashing hard since we didnt sleep well Friday night for some reason.

Sunday was just a lazy day. We literally did nothing. I felt like I slept the day away, lounging on the couch. Of course that is what Jon loves. We had dinner at a new (to me) little Mexican place down the street since our typical date night/cheat meal was closed?? It wasn't very good. It wasn't bad but not worth my cheat. I didnt finish it. Not even half was eaten.

Today is my follow up and the dr will decide if he'll clear me for work. I really have no idea how this will go. My machine compliance hasn't been that great and I am still dealing w/ some sleep issues. I am excited to weigh tho. :) Silver lining. lol

We are battling an invasion of ants. They have taken over our bedroom. Mostly my side/clothes. I had to wash everything in hot water like 2-3 days ago to kill them all and they were back last night. I shook out everything and pulled ants off. So annoying.

Ok I think thats all. I am gonna make another post with all the wedding pics. Prepare yourself for this. lol

Have a good day!

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