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Monday, July 25, 2011

Don't Care How, I want HIM now :)

I hate being tired at work. But I guess that’s what happens when you stay up all hours of the night seducing a boy. My old "flame" Fat Mike came by last night. After hanging w/ the roommates, talking and smoking, they went to bed. I know how much of an attraction he has to me (and me to him) so… I took advantage of him. He has a GF but I wanted to make out a little, my fav thing to do w/ him. I get what I want. He kept telling me how evil I was. Why was I torturing him? lol Shut up you know you like it. We didn’t go over board. Just a little harmless fun…heh hehheh. He stayed till almost 5am. And now I would give anything for a coffee.

Wow… I now have coffee. I love working w/ my ex. He is still so nice and always bringing me stuff. Good. I really needed it. I was looking like I was staring at my keyboard, but really I had dozed off and my head was falling forward. HA!

Still chatting w/ the Genie. He seems to have my attention currently. Seems really fun and might be what I am looking for. The virgin propositioned me. He wants to pay me for a BJ. Really. REALLY? OMG! I cant do it tho. What's wrong w/ guys? Why cant he ask me out and we just have a good time. If that happened I'm sure eventually we would get to the bj part. Even if he was saving vaginal intercourse (which is the actual words he used to me) for marriage. Gosh boys are so dumb. Fo real.

SO now my coffee is kicking in and I am wired. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Things are still going well w/ my roomies. They redid the living room this weekend. It looks so good. They like to go out to Houston and go to bars and clubs, go out dancing. They invite me, and I have considered it, I mean I dont have to get drunk or act a fool. I'm sure I would have a blast BUT they drive drunk. And that really bothers me. You know how mad I would be if they killed me, lol. Seriously tho. Not cool. Maybe I can be their designated driver. But drunk people piss me off. IDK... maybe it would just be better to not go. Me and my cousin should do stuff like that tho. We'd have a blasty blast AND I trust her drunkness....usually, mostly. Yeah most the time. lol

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